Where to Watch the Buffalo Shooting Live Stream

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After the Buffalo shooting, the accused shooter’s livestream went live on Twitch for a short period of time. Despite its brief availability, the video has quickly spread on various online platforms. There’s still plenty of footage available for public consumption. Here’s how to find it. Listed below are three sites to watch the livestream. Alternatively, you can use Facebook or Twitter.


A popular video-sharing platform, Twitch, has taken down a live stream of the shooting in Buffalo, New York. In less than two minutes, the live stream was removed from the site, citing safety concerns. However, it is not difficult to find other live-streams of the shooting.

Twitch took down the live stream of the Buffalo shooting after two minutes of it going live. Afterwards, the video quickly spread to other platforms. It was even shared on Facebook for hours, raising questions about social media companies’ commitment to moderating violent content.

The Buffalo shooting was broadcast live on Twitch by the suspect, who recorded the entire event with a camera attached to his tactical helmet. The video shows the gunman pulling up to the store, pointing his assault rifle at people in the parking lot, then walking into the store to start shooting. Luckily, Twitch has removed the video and suspended the user.

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Although the video has been pulled from Twitch’s website, viewers can still see the video on Facebook. A spokesperson for Twitch says that the streaming video was taken down within two minutes of the violent incident. Although Twitch has an escalation process, the company did not explain how the video had reached so many people so quickly.

In the days after the shooting, clips from the alleged livestream circulated. One video of the Buffalo shooting went viral on Facebook, and The Verge saw it. The clip showed a man driving into a parking lot, pointing his gun at someone inside the store, and muttering “I’m sorry” in a cryptic voice. A caption attached to the video suggested that the victim was spared because they were white. Despite the restrictions placed on the livestream, it has already been copied and redistributed and has been viewed millions of times.


While mainstream social media platforms have attempted to remove content about the Buffalo shooting, it is impossible to remove these videos from the internet. Facebook, Reddit, and others are trying to stop the spread of violent content, but the videos will never go away. The content will be present on many platforms, including the microblogging site TikTok.

In an attempt to protect its users from extremists, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms have worked to stop terrorist attacks from becoming viral videos. The Buffalo shooter reportedly had a manifesto on the internet before the attack, and said that he had been inspired by the Christchurch attacker’s political views. This is why he chose to livestream his attack, he said, to encourage others to follow his path. Twitch was able to take down the stream within two minutes of the shooting, but copies of the video have been downloaded and shared on other social media platforms for days.

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Another way to watch the live stream was to download the video of the Buffalo shooting on a mobile device. In fact, one of the first clips of the attack was posted on Facebook and then spread through other social media platforms. One of these was a video site called Streamable. This video gained over 43,000 Facebook interactions and has been viewed more than 3 million times.

Another way to watch the buffalo shooting live stream is on TikTok. Currently, the site is removing videos from its site after users flagged it. However, the video is still on YouTube and Twitter. These social media sites have been unable to respond to requests for comment.

Livestreaming is dangerous and should be used with caution. Several hate-fueled attacks have been documented on these platforms. If someone is violent, they might use these platforms to broadcast their crimes and gain fame. In this way, they could radicalize others who share their views. To avoid this, livestreaming should be limited to platforms where there are stricter rules. Some platforms may impose tape delays or other security measures.

Facebook has also taken action against violent videos. While Facebook removed several hundred videos related to the Buffalo shooting, the video is still accessible on other platforms. Several social media websites are trying to block videos that contain a Streamable link.

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The Buffalo shooting live stream has been down for a few hours now, but you can still view the video on some Twitter accounts. Several videos have been posted that violate the social networking website’s policies. One shows a white supremacist gunning down people. Another includes a racist screed written by the suspect. This tragedy highlights the stakes of online discourse.

The video has been circulating the internet, and has gotten more than two million views as of this writing. Although the video was posted on Facebook 10 hours ago, it has been shared over 46,000 times and received more than four thousand comments. Facebook is working overtime to take down videos. In addition, they are removing any content that praises the shooter.

The video is still available on some Twitter accounts, but the website is working to take it down. A clip purportedly showing the shooting was posted at 8:12 a.m. Pacific time on Saturday, and it was still up nearly four hours later. However, Twitter has not yet removed the video, and it still covers the video with a “sensitive material” cover.

As a result, the video is still up on social media, and the Buffalo shooting live stream has been posted to Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, and Twitter. The shooting footage from these platforms has already gone viral, and it will likely stay on the internet for a while.

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While many Twitter users shared the video on Facebook, Newsweek reported that the accounts that shared the videos did not adhere to Twitter’s policy. Some accounts shared manipulated videos. Regardless, there were still many people who wanted to watch it on Twitter. A rudimentary keyword filter could have flagged those tweets.

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