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If you’re looking for a better way to watch the latest TV show without having to pay for cable, you can find it on a number of sites that offer free streaming services. Hulu, Reelz, and A&E are just a few of the many available options. Streaming services offer free trials that are worth trying out before you buy.

  1. Reelz
  2. Hulu
  3. A&E


For those who missed the popular law-and-order series during its A&E Network run, Reelz is where you can watch episodes of Live PD. The network has made a commitment to producing new episodes of the show and airing them on its service.

This new show, which will take place in the same city as the original, will feature the lives of law-enforcement officers. It will be hosted by Dan Abrams and will air on Friday and Saturday nights this summer. While the title is still in development, the show features the same police departments, opening and closing music, and even hosts that use the same catchphrases.

Live PD premiered on A&E in 2016 and ran for two seasons. The series was pulled from the air in 2020 amid widespread protests over police brutality. However, the show’s production company decided to reboot it with a new name and format. This new show will air on Reelz and be hosted by Dan Abrams. It will continue the series’ live news gathering protocols and document police officers’ everyday work.

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Reelz has also faced a lawsuit filed by A&E Television Networks, which claimed that its live streaming service, On Patrol: Live, is an unauthorized copy of the original series. The show’s production company and hosts are similar to Live PD. This lawsuit aims to prevent the streaming service from airing more episodes.

If you’re a fan of police dramas, Reelz is a great option. The service is compatible with many different devices and is part of many cable and satellite TV packages. It’s also available on several streaming websites. You can even check with your provider to see if Reelz is available on their service.

Reelz also has several free trial options available. Philo, which is the cheapest subscription streaming service for cord cutters, offers a free 30-day trial of Reelz. You can also get a free trial of Reelz through fuboTV or DirecTV.


If you’re not happy with your cable bill, you can still use streaming services like Hulu to watch live television. The service has over 60 live channels and a DVR. You can record up to 50 hours of content, and you can view it from any device. It even has an Android and Apple mobile app. You can also try it out for free before making a decision. There’s no obligation to sign up, so you’ve got nothing to lose.

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Hulu is available for a wide range of devices, but not on PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo consoles. It also doesn’t work on certain types of smart TVs, including Samsung, Sony, and LG. You can also check whether you can stream Live PD on Hulu through your cable provider if you’re not sure whether it’s available in your area.

Live PD is an unfiltered look into the life of police officers throughout the country. It features footage captured by police officers using dash cams. This series also includes an interactive element that encourages viewers to post their own comments on social media. You can also watch the show on the A&E website.

If you don’t have cable, you can also check out other popular streaming services that feature Live PD. FuboTV is another popular option, and it’s subscription-based. FuboTV was initially an online place to watch football matches, but has since expanded into a variety of other sports and entertainment. It offers streaming services for desktop and laptop computers, as well as mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.

If you’re looking for a more convenient streaming service, you might want to check out the Roku platform. It offers several streaming services, including A&E, and is compatible with the Apple TV. Try it for free to see whether it’s the right fit for you.

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Reelz’s live PD is another excellent option. This digital cable and satellite TV channel offers a mix of police dramas and reality TV shows. The network also has On Patrol: Live. The live version of the popular show, “Cops,” has been renewed on the Reelz network and was previously aired on A&E.

The series isn’t on Netflix, which is why it’s a great alternative for streaming. However, it takes several months for episodes of the show to be posted on Hulu. This can lead to spoilers being spread on the Internet. The only downside to Hulu is that you won’t be able to stream new episodes as often. Another alternative is YouTube TV, but that requires a subscription. Furthermore, YouTube TV doesn’t stream new episodes within a week.


If you want to watch A&E without cable, you can watch the show online for free using various streaming services. Some of them offer free trials, so you can try them out before you buy them. Some of them even come with DVR capabilities, so you can record hours of content.

“Live PD” is the most popular show on the A&E Network. It topped the cable ratings on Saturday nights, sometimes reaching 2.5 million viewers. The cancellation came after the Paramount Network cancelled “Cops” after the show was criticized by civil rights organizations. While some cable providers canceled the show, others are now airing it.

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Live PD is making a comeback this summer, but with a new name and network. It will now be called “On Patrol: Live” and will air live on Reelz. It will feature Dan Abrams as host. The new series will follow the same live news-gathering procedures and show the everyday work of police officers.

“Live PD” was one of the most popular police shows on television. After its premiere, the show has received high ratings, but was cancelled a few months later after the shooting of a Minneapolis police officer. This new version will be hosted by a former cop and will feature citizen ride-alongs. The production company for the show is Half Moon Pictures, part of Big Fish Entertainment.

Live PD is one of the most popular shows on A&E. It follows police departments across the country in their day-to-day activities. The show was first aired in 2016 and was often the No. 1 cable show on Friday nights. It featured a wide range of characters, including police officers from all over the country, who were filmed live by camera crews.

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