Where to Live Stream the Super Bowl

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If you’re wondering where to live to stream the Super Bowl, you have a few options. This article will discuss Sling TV, YouTube TV, FuboTV, and Hulu, among others. There’s also the NFL website, which lists broadcast locations worldwide.


If you want to live stream the Super Bowl without cable or satellite service, check out FuboTV. The service offers access to NBC, ESPN, and a handful of other channels, and you can even get a free trial to test it out. FuboTV is also available on Apple TV, Roku, and other devices. It even supports Android phones. And you can get a 7-day trial to see if it works for you before you sign up.

FuboTV is a popular streaming service on connected devices, including laptops and mobile devices. It also supports 4K streaming for select events. It offers more than 100 channels and on-demand content. And you can record up to 250 hours of TV shows on your account. The service is flexible and supports up to three screens.

If you are not in the US and want to watch the Super Bowl without cable, you can subscribe to FuboTV’s premium plan for a limited time. You can cancel the trial any time after the game if you are unsatisfied with the service. The service has many channels, including the NFL and the NBC Sports network.

Sling TV

One way to live stream the Super Bowl is through Sling TV. They offer several different plans and bundles, including the Super Bowl. A basic package is $35 per month, and you get 42 channels. A project with 50+ channels costs $50. Orange offers even more channels.

If you have Sling TV, you can live stream the game on your phone or tablet. Its app lets you watch the game from anywhere with a web browser and is compatible with most devices. You can also use NBC’s official app on iOS or Android to watch the game. In addition, the Yahoo! Sports app will also stream the Super Bowl.

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Sling TV isn’t available in all markets, but it does offer a 7-day free trial. In addition, it provides access to NBC network channels. However, it needs to be clarified if NBC will be available in your area. You can also try fuboTV, another live TV service that offers various channels.

Sling TV has a great selection of sports channels. It’s more affordable than cable and offers a smaller channel list. However, it does have a catch: Sling will automatically charge you for a month until you cancel your subscription.


While you can watch the Super Bowl on NBC in most areas, a streaming service is the best way to watch the big game. Hulu offers many live TV networks, including NBC. It is also a good option for those who want to avoid paying for cable or satellite service.

FuboTV is another great streaming option. It mimics the experience of traditional cable networks. It allows you to watch more than 246 TV channels, including the NBC television network. The service is compatible with Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Xbox consoles, Samsung smart TVs, and other devices. The service also offers a seven-day free trial.

Hulu offers NBC in its upstate NY region. It is also compatible with Peacock. Hulu has a streaming channel tool, but you can only watch the Super Bowl if you have a Peacock subscription.

Hulu also offers local TV channels like NBC, ESPN, and NFL Network. It also provides NFL Red Zone, a unique addition that costs $11 per month. Hulu’s other options include local broadcasting in select areas, such as Fox, ABC, and CBS.

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YouTube TV

There are two primary options for watching the Super Bowl online. First, you can live stream the game from a streaming service such as YouTube TV. However, this service is currently only available in the US, so if you’re not in the US, you probably won’t be able to watch the game. To get around this problem, you can use a VPN service.

Another way to watch the Super Bowl online is via an antenna. In areas where the reception is good, you can watch the game for free using an antenna. Check the FCC website to see which stations are available in your area. If you’re still determining whether you’ll have a good reception, turn on the motion-smoothing feature on your TV before turning on the stream.

If you have cable TV, you can stream the game on your television. NBC Sports has an app that will allow you to watch the game online. If you have a subscription to a cable network, you’ll need to sign in first. Yahoo Sports also has a free app that you can use to watch the game. If you’re not a cable subscriber, you can also watch the Super Bowl LVI game on YouTube TV.


The Super Bowl is one of the most anticipated sporting events of the year. Millions of people tune in to watch it, including people who aren’t necessarily diehard football fans. It’s also a big draw for those who don’t have cable TV. Fortunately, NBC will be live streaming the game to help those who don’t have access to cable TV watch the big game.

The game will begin at 3:30 p.m. PT on February 3, with the Rams taking on the Bengals. The game will air live on NBC, but you can also listen on Sirius XM satellite radio. The broadcast will be available in English and Spanish. You can also listen to the Rams and Bengals radio shows on the Spanish-language channel.

The pregame show will feature an interview with President Joe Biden by NBC News’s Lester Holt. This interview was conducted earlier this week. After the commercial breaks, NBC will air the Super Bowl-themed programming. The game will also feature the “Road to the Super Bowl” film series and “Super Bowl LVI” on NFL Films.

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NBC Sports app

If you’re looking for a way to watch the Super Bowl without paying for cable TV, you can use the NBC Sports app to live stream the Super Bowl on your iPhone or Android device. You can watch the game on your laptop, Mac, or Smart TV.

NBC Sports is a subscription service that allows you to watch thousands of LIVE sporting events. In addition to the NFL broadcast, it offers programming from Telemundo Deportes and the Olympic Channel. The app also supports closed captioning. To enable this feature, touch an icon to the game you want to watch. NBC Sports has an extensive catalog of live-streaming content, though most of it is reserved for customers of TV Everywhere.

The NBC Sports app is the best way to live stream the Super Bowl if you don’t have cable. You can also use Peacock Premium or the NBC Sports app to watch the game live without cable.


If you don’t have a cable subscription but want to watch the Super Bowl, you can sign up for Peacock premium to view the game online. The $10/month plan eliminates ads in the on-demand content. It also includes a live stream of the Super Bowl.

Peacock is compatible with the majority of mainstream devices. You can watch the game on your computer, on your iPhone, on your Android phone or tablet, or even on your TV. The app is also compatible with Apple TV, Chromecast, and LG TV. It also supports streaming on Roku and Xfinity.

NBC will broadcast the game in English and Spanish. The broadcast includes:

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  • A five-hour pregame show.
  • A halftime show is featuring Kendrick Lamar and Dr. Dre.
  • A record $7 million in advertising.

The game will begin at 6:30 p.m. ET and end at around 10:30 p.m. ET.

If you don’t have cable, you can stream the Super Bowl using the NBC channel, NBC sports apps, or NBC.com. Peacock is compatible with iOS, Android, Roku, Apple TV, and Fire TV. Alternatively, you can subscribe to Peacock Premium to view the game on your computer. There’s no free trial for Peacock premium, but the premium service can provide you with a high-definition image and sound.

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