Where Can I Watch the Buffalo Shooting Live Stream?

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There are several options to watch the Buffalo shooting live stream. The first option is to go to Facebook. The video lasted only 17 minutes on the social network before being removed. After this time, it spread to other platforms, such as Twitter. Facebook and Twitter have different policies for removing videos of violent attacks.


A gunman opened fire in a Buffalo, New York supermarket, and a live stream of the attack can be viewed on Twitch. This video-sharing platform is most famous for watching e-sports and video games. It can be accessed via a browser or downloaded as an app. Though primarily used by gamers, there are also channels dedicated to non-gamers. A Twitch spokesperson confirmed that the shooting had been live-streamed on the service, and the live stream was removed from the site less than two minutes later.

The live stream was taken down by Twitch two minutes after it was posted, but videos of the attack have been viewed millions of times. The possibility of assailants being able to view such violent content on the site has raised questions about the platform’s integrity.

Twitch removed the video two minutes after the first gunshots were fired, but one viewer saved it on his computer. The video quickly spread around the internet on video-hosting sites and radical message boards. A Twitch spokesperson defended his site’s response and said the company had made progress.

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Several other social media platforms have also banned the video. New York governor Kathy Hochul has condemned the shooting and the platforms that allowed the suspect to spread racial hatred. Though she did not specifically name Twitch, she said, “social media platforms should be held responsible for the content they post.”

In addition to the public live stream, Twitch has a private server where you can discuss the incident with other people. You can also talk to friends on Discord while watching the stream.


If you’re looking for a live stream of the Buffalo shooting, you’ll need to know where to look. A new Twitter user named @BuffaloSh00ting has emerged with the screen name “Buffalo Supermarket Video.” The bio of this user reads, “Get the video of the Buffalo shooting here.” The account’s avatar features a red Skull from the Marvel universe. The header image shows a man holding a rifle and wearing a camo vest with the Atomwaffen Division logo. The account has already posted several versions of the gruesome footage.

After the shooting, a massacre video was posted on Facebook and other social media platforms. It took 17 minutes for Facebook to take down the video, but the video has spread to other social media websites. Some social networks, including Twitter, have strict policies on violent speech. The company also blocked accounts and material produced by people who commit acts of violence. However, this does not necessarily mean that the live stream of the Buffalo shooting will be removed.

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Twitter is currently investigating the video of the shooting. It was posted on its platform at 8:12 a.m. Pacific time, but it was still available more than four hours later. Twitter is working to remove material related to the shooting, including videos and links to a terrorist manifesto. The company is working hard to prevent further incidents from occurring.

Aside from Twitter, you can watch the video on several other social media platforms. Those sites are often updated with news about mass shootings; this is a great example. It’s a great way to stay updated about what’s going on.

Streamable sites

Streamable is a company based in Delaware. This state is a technology hub, and its offices are home to hundreds of companies. The company’s address has been publicly disclosed and it uses the same postal code as hundreds of other companies. Its technology uses a blocklist database to prevent violent content from being displayed. It has removed the video of the Buffalo shooting from the Streamable website within minutes. However, portions of the video are still available on other platforms. This makes it more difficult for Streamable to keep the video private.

While Twitch’s policies on violent content prohibit viewing and sharing on their site, other platforms like Facebook and Instagram have not yet taken down the Buffalo shooting live stream. Those companies have a long way to go before they’re ready to deal with such content. Fortunately, YouTube and other streaming sites are still available for those who want to see the video.

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The Streamable site did remove the video shortly after the shooting after the company released the video for violating its terms of service. However, the video was re-uploaded to other sites, including extremist message boards. The video was also shared on Facebook, receiving millions of views.

Streamable has responded to The Post’s email alerting it to the video. The company says it is based in Delaware. But the company’s offices are locked, and its windows are frosted. Outside the building, a “For Sale” sign hangs from the building.


Discord is a popular messaging service that allows people to communicate with each other. A recent report claims that Discord has been causing problems with violence. The platform recently disavowed “white supremacy” and far-right extremists and rebranded itself as a hub for online communities.

The Buffalo shooting is being investigated as a hate crime. The suspect, Payton S. Gendron, allegedly compiled a racist screed over six months. He identified himself and cited racist theories, including the idea that non-Whites came to the U.S. to replace White people. However, at least 11 of the thirteen victims of the shooting were Black.

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The shooter’s alleged online behavior on 4chan and Discord has come under regulatory scrutiny. The suspect allegedly spent time on the /pol/ sub message board. The sub-message board has been notorious for its racial and political views, and 4chan does not do a proactive job of content moderation. The site only takes down content if it becomes illegal or threatening.

The suspect who carried out the Buffalo shooting, Payton Gendron, invited a group of online friends to a Discord chat room. The Washington Post was invited to his private server, stating, “This is not a drill.” After the shooting, investigators identified 15 members of the group.

Thanks to its community moderation team, Discord is now working to prevent such incidents from happening again. The site’s moderation team relies on human moderators and automated content scans to monitor its chat rooms. Last year, the company acquired Sentropy, which helps detect hate speech and harassment online.

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