What is the Longest YouTube Live Stream?

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The World Record for the longest YouTube live stream was set on 21 April 2021, when Vibhor Anand and Nitika Monga did a live about the late actor Sushant Singh Rajput. Thousands of fans watched this live and shared their grief with the world.

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348 day subathon

One streamer is on a 348 day subathon on YouTube. Ambish is on day 112 of the subathon, but pauses her timer when she falls asleep. Although she is not on the overall Top 5 ranking, her stream is the 4th longest by total length of time streamed. The previous record-holder is Brazilian broadcaster Rhamonzin, who finished his subathon on day 99. Unlike Ambish, her subathon isn’t comparable to the longest stream on Twitch.

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The subathon has inspired other streamers to attempt the feat themselves. Twitch, for example, has over 30 million daily users and 2.7 million concurrent viewers. As a result, this kind of subathon is not too uncommon. While Twitch has a huge audience, the subathon didn’t seem as impressive, and many viewers didn’t expect record-breaking subs. However, if the subathon is successful, it will be a great achievement for the streamer.

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Ludwig spent over $50k on the subathon. The money came from a variety of sources. Ludwig also paid a $10k monthly subscription to his stream, paid a $10k moder for his time, and donated a further $10k to charity. The Twitch network took a 44.18% cut, leaving him with just $202k. This doesn’t include the revenue from advertisements and sponsorships.

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A subathon is a term derived from the terms subscriber and marathon. The idea behind a subathon is to hold a livestream event that lasts as long as possible. You can extend the duration of the stream by charging viewers. While this will result in an increase in subscribers, it is important to note that the length of timer is not necessarily related to the duration of the stream.

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