What is the Longest Live Stream on Twitch?

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You’ve probably heard about the world’s longest live stream, but you need to know how long it lasts. The longest extended stream is over 16 hours long; the record was set in 2020 by Los Pollos TV. However, CallMeCypher broke the record recently with 200 hours straight.


Reece, a British Twitch streamer with over 7,500 followers, has set a new record for the longest live stream. The previous record was held by CallMeCypher, which lasted for 200 hours, 18 minutes, and 17 seconds. Reece broke that record on May 3, surpassing it by twelve minutes and eleven seconds. His achievement is quite an accomplishment. Hopefully, more content creators will take this record as an inspiration to set new records and break old ones.

Reece, who has over 7,500 followers, decided to break the record. The streamer, who was playing the game Valorant, praised his viewers for watching and thanked them for their support. However, playing games for extended periods can have serious health risks. In extreme cases, prolonged playing can cause stress, internal bleeding, and even death.

In May of this year, Reecesy’s stream lasted 200 hours. It’s an impressive feat for any Twitch streamer. However, a second Twitch user, CallMeCypher, was in the lead with a total of 201:18:17 hours. LosPollosTV, meanwhile, finished in third place with 161 hours.

GPHustla began his stream with a 24-hour marathon, then added other daily tasks. Soon after, he started sleeping and running errands during his streams. As of writing, the streamer has yet to receive any complaints about the length of his streams. The audience is very supportive of the record.

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Los Pollos TV

LosPollosTV is the latest live streamer to break the world record for the most extended live stream. The stream began on March 29 and has continued uninterrupted for 195 hours. The channel promises to stream for two more minutes for every subscriber that supports it. This is quite an accomplishment for a live streamer with a large subscriber base.

LosPollosTV is a sports content creator who streams for thousands of people daily. Streaming various games and doing giveaways has earned the streamer a large fan base. Los was born in New Jersey and has built a loyal following in the industry. Los has played games with family and friends and continues producing various content for his fans.

The record was initially held by CallMeCypher, who had a modest following of 4,000 on Twitch. Streamers can play games like Fortnite or Valorant and reach audiences worldwide. However, LosPollosTV is the longest live streamer, with over 422K subscribers.

When Louis LosPollosTV reached 10,000 subscribers, he opened a bottle of champagne for his followers and those who supported him. He was also joined by his family, who traveled to be with him. They helped him break the record and fill in when necessary. The Livestream was interrupted for about two hours, but the creators promised to continue the stream for a total of forty hours.


On May 19, CallMeCypher broke the record for the longest live stream on Twitch when he stayed online for two hundred and eighty-one hours. This broke the record set by LosPollosTV, which lasted for 158 hours. CallMeCypher followed it at 200:18:17 and GPHustle at 161 hours.

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The world record was set in April by LosPollosTV, followed by CallMeCypher less than a month later. A British Twitch streamer called ‘Reecesy,’ who had a small following on Twitch decided to challenge himself to beat the record and break CallMeCypher’s record. His record is 200 hours, forty-nine minutes, and eleven seconds, making it more than eighteinhalf days long.

Although Reecesy has already beaten the previous record, he may have just set a new record. Another Twitch streamer will likely try to break Reecesy’s record soon. With his ability to keep the stream going for so long, who knows?

The ghost in the machine’s substation record was also surpassed in April. The stream lasted for thirty days, but this was shorter than the longest live stream on Twitch. CallMeCypher and GPHhustla were the most extended live streams on Twitch, but they were interrupted by technical difficulties. However, GPHustla has been broadcasting on Twitch for over four years, which is also a record.


AboFlah, a popular YouTuber and content creator, has recently broken multiple world records by completing the world’s longest live stream. In October, the gaming content creator started a live stream on his YouTube channel for a humanitarian campaign, and more than 23.7 million people viewed it. He raised $11 million to support more than 110,460 refugee families in Jordan, Iraq, and Lebanon. This achievement has been credited to social media outreach and community power.

The charity is dedicated to helping refugees and internally displaced people. The donations raised from the stream were made by individuals and companies worldwide. Allah also partnered with UNHCR to provide aid to refugee families in need. More than $1 million was raised through the campaign Warm Their Hearts, and over 5,600 families and 17,000 people will receive emergency aid this winter. The organization has also raised money to construct a hospital and a well in Africa and organized thousands of cataract surgeries.

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The campaign was hugely successful, raising more than $11 million in just 12 days. The money raised will help families in need across the region and Africa. It also helped fund the World’s Coolest Winter campaign. The event was also broadcast live to millions of YouTube users, which raised more than $150,000.

Allah is also known for his uploads on his YouTube channel. His content has received over three billion views, making it one of the world’s fastest-growing channels. His most popular video has garnered more than 40 million views, while his second-most popular video has over 34 million views. Allah’s videos are also popular in the gaming community.

Hassan Suleiman

Hassan Suleiman is a Kuwaiti YouTuber who makes gaming videos. He has a channel titled AboFlah, and has over 24 million subscribers. His videos often feature gameplay of popular games and are very popular. His most-watched video has garnered over 40 million views.

Hassan’s videos are viral and have gained him two Guinness World Records. His longest live stream lasted for 268 hours. He also managed to attract more than six hundred thousand viewers at once. He broke the record for the most extended live stream and the most viewers for a live charity stream.

He is sponsored by STC Play, a live-streaming website, and Galaxy Racer, an esports team. He registered his YouTube channel in July 2016 and uploaded his first video on September 17, 2016. The video went viral and received over 3,760 views. In just over a year, Hassan has become the longest live streamer ever.

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Allah’s live stream campaign has generated a worldwide response. It has helped raise over USD 11 million. This is equivalent to PS8.1 million, and the money raised will benefit refugees and families suffering in the Arab world. Allah’s videos have been viewed over ten million times.

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