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Streamers have many options when it comes to merch stores. Some popular choices include Streamlabs, Spreadshop, Sellfy, and Teespring. These sites offer a unique experience for both the buyer and seller, but if you’re looking for the most convenience, Teespring is the way to go. This website integrates with Twitch and even displays an alert during your streams. You can also extend your channels with this service, which helps you promote your channel to more viewers. Teespring also has a more extensive catalog than Streamlabs and generally offers better-quality merchandise. The site features a drop-down menu for easy browsing, making it easy to find precisely what you’re looking for.


Streamlabs offers a wide variety of customizable merchandising products. The store lets you add products to your collection from various categories, and you can control the price, shipping options, and several items in stock. You can also customize the design of your logo to make it more unique, and you can even preview your merchandise before buying it. Streamlabs is a great place to sell branded merchandise and diversify your income.

Streamlabs’s merch store can link directly to your stream, and you can sell a range of products, from stickers to hoodies. They also allow you to choose the prices, which can significantly benefit streamers who make a living from their streams. However, print-on-demand products can be expensive and only sometimes make a profit. You might make a profit with a $40 hoodie, but if you sell a sticker for $3, you will make only a profit of $0.01. This is because you have to offset the cost of the print-on-demand service with a high price, including shipping. Shipping costs are passed on to viewers.

A merch store can be a great asset in monetizing your channel if you can get a large audience. It is free to sign up for and offers a variety of products you can sell. A Streamlabs Prime account provides access to many more goods.

Streamlabs also offers several payment options, including PayPal and credit card payments. If you want to start selling merch on Twitch, Streamlabs Merch Store is the best option. Moreover, it allows you to put your logo on merchandise. This way, you can sell merch directly to your audience.

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Another merch site is Teespring, which integrates with Twitch so that you can sell merch right from your channel. You can sell t-shirts, hoodies, gym bags, and more from the site. In addition, you can promote your merchandise with other streamers and fans.

The platform also allows you to create custom merch for your live stream. The site will enable you to add your logo, custom art, and text. You can also send notifications to your audience whenever a new product is available so that you can promote it in real-time.

Selling merch on Twitch can be a lucrative business. Aside from being a great source of additional income, it allows you to expand your business globally. You can reach out to potential global viewers from other countries by boosting your business. This helps grow your fan base and income significantly.

Another benefit of Streamlabs is its mobile app. Users can stream to Twitch and YouTube right from their smartphones. You can also use Streamlabs to manage live chats. Both tools have a good selection of templates and alerts. You can even create custom notifications and auto-send tweets. In addition, Streamlabs also allows you to preview your live stream before going live.


If you’re looking for a good merch store for streamers, you should try Spreadshop. This online store allows you to sell products with a variety of customization options. It also handles payment processing and shipping for you. There are no minimum sales requirements, and you can set your prices. The Spreadshop website also includes helpful tips on setting up your store.

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You can list your designs and get paid a commission on each sale. Spreadshop’s website has more than 200 different products that you can sell. It is easy to sign up and set up your shop. The platform has an extensive FAQ section to answer any questions. Moreover, the site handles all the shipping and inventory, so no hassles are involved.

Spreadshop also offers a great variety of products that will make your streamer brand stand out. There are thousands of designs for t-shirts that you can choose from. You can set the price, shipping options, and number of available products and edit your designs. The customer support team can answer questions and guide you through the process.

Spreadshop uses digital printing and rigorous testing processes. All T-shirts are washed ten times before they are ready for sale. The company even has a Facebook app so you can sell your products through your profile. You can leave the link to your store out of your video description. With Teespring, you can show product images on the product page or click on them in the video description to see more information.

Another great option is to create your merch. This is an inexpensive way to sell custom products. Bonfire also does all the payment processing, order fulfillment, and customer service, so you can focus on growing your fanbase. Many YouTube influencers use this platform for their merch and have a regular income stream.

Spreadshop has a vast selection of products that are great for streamers. You can buy T-shirts, hats, and other merch items. Spreadshop also offers print-on-demand services, so you won’t need to worry about stock and shipping. Spreadshop also has a user-friendly pricing system, which makes it easy for anyone to set prices that make them the most money.

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Spreadshop offers a variety of options for its affiliate program. Affiliates can earn as much as $3 per sale that you refer. The site has an extensive knowledge base and support team to help you with your sales. In addition, Spreadshop also offers phone support.

Spreadshop also has a variety of payment options for its customers. Paid plans are available for those who wish to sell their merch. However, this option is more expensive than the free options. However, it offers many benefits, including a lower minimum payment threshold and more pictures per product.


When creating a merch store, there are plenty of options. With Sellfy, you can choose from multiple types of merchandise and easily create a storefront. The website features various tabs for Products, Customers, Orders, and Marketing. You can also choose to sell digital or physical products. While each type has specific settings, the process is similar.

With its powerful features, Sellfy is ideal for creators. A creator may produce a great deal of content on the web and then need a way to monetize that content. The Sellfy platform provides creators with a complete online store to sell physical and digital products, subscriptions, and print-on-demand products.

The platform offers hundreds of designs and templates for your merch. The site also allows you to upload your images and text. You can also choose from 45 different colors. You can also add your designs, or you can purchase mockups. For custom designs, you can also use Clint English’s website, which features free mockups.

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Another benefit of Sellfy is its ease of use. Creating a store is quick and easy. You can integrate your Sellfy store with your existing website or create a separate storefront. Moreover, you can incorporate Sellfy with your social media accounts and Facebook page.

Sellfy is a cloud-based eCommerce platform that lets creators sell physical products, digital products, subscriptions, and print-on-demand products. The platform also offers an easy setup and zero transaction fees. Its features make it ideal for creators who want to expand their merch offerings.

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