Roccat Stream Deck Review

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The Roccat stream deck offers a wide array of customization options. Its fully customizable interface eliminates the need for hotkeys on your keyboard, allowing you to streamline workflows for graphics design, audio production, and video editing. This device is made of matte black plastic, but it is vulnerable to scratches. Therefore, regular cleaning and keeping it away from sharp objects is a must. There are also several preset profiles that come with the stream deck.

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Stream Deck supports drag-and-drop actions. Custom icons and key folders are available. Users can save unique key configurations as dedicated profiles and switch between them easily. Stream Deck lets you share your customized profiles with your fellow creators. You can now trigger actions by simply pointing to your gaming application. Stream Deck is customizable, and you can create unique icons and welcome messages to suit your own aesthetics. You can also set up key folders for each action, so that you can save your own icons and themes.

The Elgato Stream Deck features an impressive array of customization options. The design of the Elgato Stream Deck is perfect for live-streaming enthusiasts. With its 15 LCD keys, you can launch 210 actions without the need to memorize keyboard shortcuts. You can also use the Stream Deck’s built-in MATRIC software for PC-based streaming. This software also comes with a free downloadable application called Stream Deck Mobile.

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