Multistreaming Software to Stream to Multiple Platforms

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Streaming to multiple platforms is a great way to increase the audience of your videos. Using multistreaming software, you can simultaneously broadcast your content on various platforms. You can also use restreaming, which makes a single stream available across several social networks. This is especially useful for live streamers, as it allows you to reach a larger audience with just one stream.


Gluten is an excellent tool for multi-platform streaming of your live video. It allows you to display your live chats in one place and offers several customization options. It also lets you monetize video content through paid requests and ticket sales. You can even schedule and pre-record streams, so your viewers can tune in to your streams whenever they want.

Fulton Live lets you live-stream events across multiple social media platforms. You can stream to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, and more at once. It also enables you to share your live stream link with your audience. This makes Flutin Live an excellent tool for brands looking to monetize their virtual events.

Whether you want to monetize your live streams or add branding, Flutin is an excellent choice. This tool lets you schedule your events ahead of time, share the links with your audience, and even highlight your replies. It also allows you to sell your tickets and accept tips.

Fulton Live also supports high-quality HD streaming. This technology helps ensure the uninterrupted transmission of signals, which makes it ideal for live video streaming. Additionally, Flutin Live allows you to customize your streams with custom logos, captions, and overlays. With this, your videos will appear more personalized and unique to your audience.

With the right tools, live video events can generate significant engagement. Fulton Live allows you to live stream your events on multiple social media platforms, allowing you to reach a much larger audience. You can also use the live stream to promote your live events and engage with your audience.

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Fulton Live is also an excellent tool for businesses that want to reach a global audience with their videos. Its intuitive features set it apart from the competition, and its price range is perfect for any budget. Plus, it offers extra benefits for paying users.


Streamyard is a video streaming service that allows users to publish their videos on multiple platforms. Its free version allows up to six users. For $20 per month, users can upgrade to the Basic plan to add logos and tailor-made layouts to their videos. All you need to sign up for the free trial is an email-id. After that, you can connect your social media accounts, stream videos from your computer, and share them with others.

Streamyard lets you broadcast in full HD (1080p) from your browser. It also allows you to embed video and third-party apps and record live streams. It also offers the option to pre-record your streams. If you miss an essential part of the Livestream, you can easily replay it later and stream it to your different channels.

Streamyard allows you to stream to multiple platforms, including Facebook and YouTube. To start streaming, you need to set up channels and pages. After you’ve added media and pages, you can customize their titles and thumbnails. Once you’ve completed the setup process, you can schedule your streams and go live at a specified time.

Streamyard’s free version gives you up to 20 hours of streaming per month. You can also add a background to your streams. Streamyard also supports up to eight hours of recording. This plan is recommended for those who stream occasionally but need to be more severe about streaming. In addition, it allows you to use your video on up to 5 platforms at the same time.

If you have a YouTube channel or podcast, you can stream your content on Streamyard. You can also add a logo to your broadcasts. This makes your videos more appealing and establishes your brand presence. The software has an easy-to-use interface that allows you to stream your content to multiple platforms without technical expertise.

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While both software products offer the ability to stream live video, they differ in the number of platforms they support. Obs provides more options and has a more extensive list of third-party integrations. Obs also has a larger library of video content and is constantly adding new content.


Streamlabs is a web video software that allows users to broadcast content to multiple platforms simultaneously. The most popular supported platforms are Twitch, YouTube Gaming, and Facebook. Streamlabs’ streaming capabilities are pretty stable, but you’ll need a good connection to get the most out of it.

Streamlabs is also very user-friendly, with an overlay importer, an event queue, built-in PayPal donations, and a friendly user interface for transitions. Users can undo their mistakes with a simple Ctrl+Z command, and all changes are automatically saved to the cloud. The software also allows users to customize their streams with free mobile themes.

Multistreaming is a great way to grow your audience by reaching multiple audiences simultaneously. Streamlabs allows users to add various platforms, customize their look, and add custom RTMP destinations. It also allows them to add a link below their stream, encouraging viewers to buy merch, visit social media, or donate to their favorite channels.

While multistreaming may be a new idea for many content creators, Streamlabs’ powerful desktop application makes the process easy. Streamlabs offers many free features, as well as paid premium features. With its simple, easy-to-use interface, creating and editing videos is as simple as clicking a single button.

Another great feature of Streamlabs is the ability to install multiple add-ons. These can help improve video quality, offer royalty-free music, and help you interact with your viewers. In addition, Streamlabs also includes widgets, a complete video layout, and additional video enhancements.

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Streamlabs OBS desktop app includes customizable alerts. Custom Alerts allow users to set customized notifications when a new follower or subscriber joins their channel. Additionally, users can choose to receive notifications when a video tip or charity donation is made. Custom Alerts also allow users to highlight videos and post them on social media.

Streamlabs desktop supports many streaming platforms and custom RTMP destinations. Streamlabs desktop can easily link your stream to significant media and mainstream networks to increase your follower base. The software also allows you to stream to niche sites and websites to diversify your audience.

Streamyard Prime

StreamYard Prime is a streaming solution for people who want to broadcast live content on the web. It is designed for entrepreneurs, brands, and influencers to share their content with their audience. The service supports the most popular streaming platforms and allows users to customize their broadcasts to suit their brand.

Streamyard has a free trial that allows you to test out the service. You can sign up for the problem through the company’s official website. Then, you can watch videos from different platforms and see what kind of traffic they receive. Streamyard offers excellent support and tutorials on how to use the service.

Streamyard is a browser-based social broadcasting platform that supports HTML5 video. It allows you to stream to most devices, including smart TVs, iPads, and Facebook Messenger. You can connect up to ten on-screen guests and multistream to multiple destinations. You can even create your slideshows using videos and music tracks.

The premium plan allows you to add unlimited guest streams and has more features than the free version. It also allows you to add custom graphics to your streams, remove the Restream branding, and stream to multiple platforms. You can also access your feeds’ analytics and control audio with a mixer. You can also roll pre-recorded content or use green-screen effects.

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Streamyard Prime also allows you to broadcast live on your mobile device. The software supports iOS and Android and features custom mobile themes and alerts. It also allows you to sync your desktop settings with your mobile devices. You can also use Melon, a web-based streaming app if you prefer to avoid paying for a dedicated streaming machine. This software lets you go live on multiple platforms with just five clicks. Furthermore, Melon does not require high-end hardware or software encoders, unlike software-based streaming platforms.

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