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There are several different live-streaming platforms on the market today. These platforms include Streamyard, OBS Studio, Castro, and YouNow. Each one offers its own set of features and functionality. You can find more information about these platforms below. You can also choose a subscription plan that gives you the most media.


Streamyard is a live-streaming platform that makes it easy to create and post content to multiple platforms. It also offers a variety of features for creating and managing chat and community interaction. It allows you to customize the chat interface and branding. It also provides metadata updates, automatic warnings, and live voiceovers. In addition, you can upload recorded movies and schedule your broadcasts.

Premium users can create and broadcast professional-looking live streams and pre-recorded content to various social media platforms. Streamyard is perfect for creating educational events, engaging audiences, and promoting your brand. It is also used by businesses of all sizes to hold virtual events and broadcast live events.

StreamYard offers a free plan for beginners and a professional one for bigger teams. The basic plan has no recording hours limit, but the professional program has a limit on how many platforms you can broadcast to. You can also invite up to 6 participants to participate in your stream. This allows you to expand your audience and increase the quality of your content. StreamYard also supports multiple platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

StreamYard is very easy to use. It requires no technical skills to start streaming. All you need is a computer and an internet connection to do it. Once you have set up your stream, you can customize it with your logo and background. You can also customize your live stream with questions and call-to-actions.

OBS Studio

OBS Studio is a powerful video editing software that is free and open-source. It will require a robust system to run correctly, so a powerful processor, 4GB of RAM, DirectX 10 support, and lots of storage are all recommended. The program also supports multiple platforms, including Twitch.

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The free basic package lets users simultaneously create and broadcast a live stream to two platforms. YouTube and Twitch are both popular venues for gaming streams. The free box will also display your Restream branding and watermark. However, you can only have two viewers at a time. The $19/month Standard package allows up to five channels but does not include a watermark.

OBS and Streamyard support multiple platforms, but OBS is more complicated and requires additional add-ons. Streamyard is free and can be used by anyone, but OBS is more complex, so it may not be the best option if you’re a beginner. Streamyard supports various video platforms and offers a chat function. OBS supports eight cameras natively.

XSplit offers an easier-to-use interface than OBS, with all essential features easily accessible from one screen. OBS’s menus are also a bit overwhelming for new users, and changing scene transitions requires more clicks. XSplit requires a dedicated XSplit account.


Castro is a live streaming tool that enables you to create, manage and share a multiplatform live stream with the click of a button. You can use this service to multistream on Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and other social networks while synchronizing chat messages. It also provides the option to password-protect your Livestream and integrate Google Analytics, as well as embed snippets and posters.

It offers multiple platforms and protocols, including RTMP, HLS, and MPEG-TS. It allows you to stream to various social media platforms simultaneously and monetize your video content with in-stream advertising. In addition, it has advanced privacy controls and geo-blocking options. There is a free plan for all users, but you can upgrade to a paid plan if you want to add more features.

Cast multistream lets you stream to multiple destinations simultaneously, eliminating the need for various servers and complicated setups. With it, you can stream to Facebook, Twitch, Vimeo, and DLive. In addition, it offers customizable settings, a lot of platforms, and responsive support.

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Another good feature of Restream is its ability to record videos directly from your webcam. Then you can upload pre-recorded or customized video content. You can set a time for your video to be released and even chat with your live audience during the broadcast. Restream lets you record and schedule live streams and add text and graphical content.


If you’re an athlete or entertainer looking to live to stream your content, YouNow is a free live-streaming app that allows you to sign up and broadcast live videos to multiple platforms. It’s similar to Periscope, a live-streaming app that recently closed its doors but offered a more niche approach to gaining fans. You can use the app to show off your talents, share your adventures, or chat with fans. You can even live stream during conflicting situations, such as the current conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

In addition to free video sharing, YouNow offers analytics, which will help you improve your live streaming experience. For example, you can see how many viewers are viewing your live stream and which viewers are watching it the most. You can also monitor your live streams to find out what content is most popular and how your viewers respond to your content. The software also allows you to customize your registration page and checkout forms so that users have the same experience no matter which platform they access.

In addition to providing live video streaming services, YouNow also offers multiplatform audio broadcasting. This allows you to attract new viewers by allowing your viewers to subscribe to your channel and pay for additional assistance. Additionally, YouNow has a feature that lets you record a 25-second recap of your past streams. You can also create virtual competitions between yourself and other streamers. In addition to that, you can also host giveaways in your channel and reward your loyal fans with virtual prizes.


If you’re looking for a free platform to live stream your videos to multiple platforms, Dailymotion is a great choice. The platform is user-friendly and offers independent creators and users excellent content. It’s also free to use and offers HD video. However, there are some things you should keep in mind before streaming to Dailymotion.

Dailymotion is similar to YouTube but offers a little more freedom for users. This makes it a good choice for newbie broadcasters who want to spend less money. It’s easy to create a live stream and uses simple tools. However, it’s less popular than YouTube.

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One downside of using Dailymotion is that you can only upload a maximum of ten videos at a time. There’s also a daily limit of 96 videos for free users. Premium members are not subject to these limits and can upload unlimited videos and audio files. So, if you want to live stream to multiple platforms, sign up for a premium plan.

Besides being free to use, Dailymotion also supports high-definition and OOG videos. It’s an excellent platform for personal or professional videos. Facebook has more than two billion users globally, and you can stream your videos to these platforms for free. However, you should also be aware that Dailymotion has some limitations, so you should consult the platform’s terms and conditions before posting videos.


If you’re a content creator looking to expand your reach and monetize your live streams, Restream is an excellent choice. The service allows you to live stream to more than two platforms for free and even offers a premium version for those who want to be even more versatile. The premium version allows you to remove the Restream watermark from your streams and use a customized background and brand logo.

Another essential feature of Restream is the ability to monitor your live streams. This feature gives you an idea of how long viewers watch your streams and how many people watch. It can help you adjust your stream to maximize engagement and increase your audience’s satisfaction. It also provides valuable metrics such as the number of viewers, average viewership, peak time, and chat activity.

You can invite up to five guests to join your live stream. On the Professional or Premium plans, you can have up to nine guests. To invite guests, you’ll have to create a link and give them access to your cameras and microphones. Once they join the live stream, they’ll appear on the left side of the screen. Then, you can choose whether to show or hide them. You can also customize the appearance of your guests’ screens.

Another great feature of Restream is adding a chat room to your live stream. This feature allows you to engage your audience and promote your brand. Unlike many other live streaming platforms, Restream also will enable you to live stream previously recorded or edited content.

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