How to Watch the UEFA Champions League Semifinals Live Stream

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If you are in Canada and want to watch the UEFA Champions League semifinals live stream, you can do so through the streaming service DAZN Canada. Unfortunately, the service no longer offers a free trial, so you’ll have to pay a one-time subscription fee to access the live stream. You’ll need a credit card and a Canadian postal code to subscribe. If you don’t have a credit card, you can also use PayPal to make a subscription.

Real Madrid hosts Manchester City in the UEFA Champions League semifinal.

Real Madrid and Manchester City are set to meet in the semifinals of the Champions League, with the winner progressing to the final. Both sides are familiar with each other, and this is their second meeting in the competition. The hosts won the first leg 4-3 in 2016, while Manchester City came from behind to win the second leg 2-1. Manchester City is one of the favorites to win the semifinal, as oddsmakers have made them the 4/9 favorites. In contrast, Real is the 11/2 favorite. A draw is a 7/2 favorite.

If you live in the U.S., you can watch UEFA Champions League games on CBS. However, if you prefer to view the game online, you can watch Manchester City vs. Real Madrid on Paramount+. Both services offer free trials. In addition to these free options, you can watch the game through several other sites, including FuboTV.

In the U.K., you can watch the match live on B.T. Sport. The coverage will begin at 7 pm BST on B.T. Sport 2, and kick-off is at 8 pm. Alternatively, you can also watch the match via the B.T. Sport app.

The game will be decided on penalties or extra time if the tie remains level after the second leg. The game will proceed to the final if neither team scores three goals.

Streaming service Paramount+

If you want to watch the semifinals of the European Championship, you can get a live stream on a streaming service that supports all the major platforms. Paramount+ supports Android T.V., Apple T.V., and Roku. The service is also compatible with Chromecast and Xbox One. It also has a one-week free trial and allows users to stream up to six profiles.

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Paramount+ features content from CBS, Paramount, and various production studios. It also offers live sports events like the local NFL on CBS, college football on CBS, and the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship. Users can watch professional sports events, including the PGA Tour, the Masters, and the NWSL soccer league. All these live streams are guaranteed to be of high quality and are available on multiple digital platforms.

Although Paramount+ is only available in the United States, it offers a free trial. Subscribers can stream Champions League games in English and Spanish. If you live outside the U.S., you can also check local channels that carry the Champions League. For example, ServusTV in Austria offers free streams. However, if you want to watch the semifinals of the European Cup in your native country, you can opt for a subscription plan that allows you to view the games without ads.

Paramount+ has a free trial of its Essential Plan and Premium Plan so that you can try out the service for a month. The service has more than 20 games in its lineup.

B.T. Sport

B.T. Sport is the exclusive broadcaster of the UEFA Champions League semifinals in the U.K. They will present the match live. In most cases, they will use two presenters, a lead commentator and a co-commentator. However, in bigger games, they may use three commentators. Other commentators featured during the match include David Flatman, Reshmin Chowdhury, and Brian O’Driscoll.

B.T. Sport is the only place in the U.K. where you can watch the premier league, the Champions League, and the Europa League live. B.T. Sport will also broadcast motorsports events, including the MotoGP and Moto2 championships. As the exclusive broadcaster of these events, you can expect high-quality action and commentary.

B.T. Sport is available for free with B.T. Broadband and mobile plans. You can also watch the European finals on YouTube, though this option is only open to people in the U.K. If you’re looking to watch the Champions League in other countries, you can find it on beIN Sports, ESPN, and DAZN.

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To watch the UEFA Champions League semifinals live, you can use B.T. Sport’s website or app. The match will be broadcast live in 4K HDR if you subscribe to B.T. Sport. This service also allows you to watch the game on a large-screen T.V. or game console.


The UEFA Champions League is one of the world’s most prestigious international sports tournaments, and many people worldwide watch these matches in their native languages. However, if you are located in a country with restricted online sports subscriptions, you may need help managing the games.

Unfortunately, UEFA Champions League games are unavailable everywhere due to licensing restrictions. To avoid these restrictions, broadcasters employ geo-blocking, restricting access to certain countries. You can bypass geo-blocking by redirecting your connection to a secure server using a VPN service. A VPN service also disguises your home I.P. address and location from online services.

The Surfshark VPN client offers a variety of security features and helps protect your privacy online. It is swift and works on almost any platform. It is also easy to use and inexpensive compared to other premium VPN providers. If you’re interested in streaming UEFA Champions League games on the Internet, consider Surfshark VPN. It offers a secure connection with no logs or tracking.

OTA antenna

For those who don’t have a cable or satellite T.V. subscription, you can watch the semifinals of the UEFA Champions League on the Internet. This is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to watch live sports, and it doesn’t require any contracts or fees. To get started, you must ensure your area has a good reception for your antenna. Once you have your antenna installed, you can start searching for the sporting events you can watch.

The first Champions League match was held during the 1955-56 season when it was known as the European Cup. The competition consisted of 16 teams from different countries and was played in Paris. The teams were selected based on their reputation, and Real Madrid defeated Reims in the final.

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There are several ways to watch the Champions League final 2022 on T.V. Cable tv is the most common way to watch the last, but some providers offer online streaming. Check with your provider to make sure it is showing the final. It’s worth the extra effort to get the best quality picture.

You can also watch the games on Paramount+ or FuboTV. These services are an excellent option for live streams and offer Spanish commentary. Additionally, you can watch the games on Univision or TURN if you live in Spain.


If you want to watch UEFA Champions League games online, you must use a VPN service. VPNs redirect your internet traffic through a different country to increase your safety, privacy, and online freedom. A good VPN for Champions League streaming is Surfshark, which provides good streaming speeds and a stable connection at a low price.

NordVPN is another good option to consider. The service has over five thousand servers spread across 60 countries. It also offers excellent security and a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can use NordVPN on as many devices as you like, and you won’t need to worry about your data being stolen or your connection getting dropped.

When you sign up for a VPN service, you can choose a country from which you wish to view the content. If you’re in the U.K., you can watch the games on BBC iPlayer, but you can’t watch them on ESPN or Sling T.V.

A VPN creates an encrypted tunnel between your device and the server. This protects your data from being intercepted by snoopers and ISPs. Moreover, VPN clients hide your I.P. address. That means that websites can’t trace your requests to your actual I.P. address.

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