How to Watch Live Stream on Twitter

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When you’re live-streaming on Twitter, you’ll want to ensure your audience can see what you’re showing. Fortunately, you can watch your stream live on the site. Twitter offers many tools to help you broadcast your video. Here’s how to set up your account and start posting right away.


Periscope is a social media platform where you can watch live streams from people. You can watch these broadcasts from your mobile device. You can download the app from the App Store or the Google Play Store. Once installed, you can start watching live streams and participating in the conversation.

To watch live streams, you need to have a Twitter account. Once you have a Twitter account, you can open the Periscope app. The app will give you a list of your followers and activity feeds. You can follow people to watch their streams. You can also block people to prevent them from seeing your broadcast.

After launching Periscope, you must create a title for your stream. You also need to choose the quality. For best results, you should select 720p. You can also choose a different rate using the gearwheel on the upper right corner of the screen. You can also set the default network. If you want to broadcast a stream to multiple networks, click on the “Twitter bird” icon.

Once you’ve created a Twitter account, you can begin broadcasting content to Periscope. Unlike on Twitter, Periscope content is not saved in your Twitter profile. However, if you’re using the Periscope app, you can manage the content you’re creating on Twitter by tweeting it.

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Another feature of Periscope is the ability to give a broadcaster a heart. This allows viewers to provide them with virtual applause. The more seats a broadcaster receives, the higher their profile is. This also means that the host is more likely to be discovered by viewers.

Periscope is a popular video-sharing app and has hosted over 100 million live broadcasts. You can include a link to your Periscope stream in your tweet and share it with other people. You can also invite people to join your Periscope broadcast. However, you shouldn’t expect a higher quality live stream from adding guest invites.

Once you’ve added a Periscope link to a Tweet, it will open a new window with the live stream. It will also display Periscope comments and hearts from viewers. While you can watch Periscope streams directly from Twitter, you won’t need to download the Periscope app or sign up for an account. This new feature brings a new dimension to Twitter and is a great way to share live streams from different sources.

Another way to watch a Periscope broadcast on Twitter is to use a BoxCast application. This application allows you to schedule broadcasts and simulcast them to Twitter. This is an easy way to watch a live stream and enjoy the audience. The Periscope app can even be installed on your mobile phone, making it easy for you to share it with your followers.

Periscope has many features. For instance, it allows you to comment on a live stream, follow other Periscopers, and block those who do not engage with your broadcast. You can also choose which followers to share your broadcast with. You can select specific followers or all followers of your broadcast.

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If you want to watch live streams on Twitter, the first step is to enable camera and microphone access. Unlike other video apps, Twitter does not allow you to select the front-facing camera, so you must use the back-facing camera. Then, create a description for your live stream, telling people what they’ll get out of it and why they should tune in. After completing all these steps, you can start watching the live stream.

Open the Twitter app and sign in. Once logged in, go to the settings menu and tap the camera icon. Next, select “Go LIVE” and add some text. You can also choose to end the broadcast after it’s begun. Make sure you have a public Twitter account.

After you’ve installed the latest version of Twitter, you can begin watching live streams. Follow the people you like, and you’ll receive notifications when they go live. You can tap on this notification to join the live broadcast. Alternatively, you can create your stream using the software. It’s straightforward to create your own Twitter live stream.

Twitter is working on making it easier to catch live streams on Twitter. When a Twitter account goes live, a stream notification will appear at the top of your timeline. It will default appear on your timeline if you follow that account. Using the new feature should make watching live streams on Twitter a breeze.

You can also watch live streams on Twitter from your iPhone. This is an excellent feature for sports fans. Twitter has even made it possible to stream NFL games. They will begin streaming the games on Thursday. The app won’t require you to sign in to watch the game and will provide all live streams on Twitter.

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The video may not play correctly if you use an older Twitter app version. Make sure your phone is in a good network zone, and restart the app to allow it to play. Also, make sure you uninstall any background apps which may cause the app to be unable to load video. Next, you should reinstall the app from the app store.

You can use software called OBS Studio to capture live streams on Twitter. OBS Studio is free and is specially designed to capture and stream these streams. With this software, you can record your live stream for your audience. You can also create audio-only streams using the Twitter app. A video recording is also an option.

OBS Studio

You can watch live streams on Twitter with a live video recording program called OBS Studio. This software allows you to record your stream and watch it later. The first step is to connect your OBS Studio to the live stream platform. Once you’ve joined, you should get a “stream key” from the forum. Then, you can start streaming anything to your channel.

In OBS Studio, you can choose the live-streaming platform you’d like to use. Twitter is available in several regions. Choose the one closest to you and then enter your unique stream key. Once you have entered your key, click “Start Streaming.” You can also choose to broadcast audio-only or video-only streams. Afterward, you can decide whether to add your location or a description of the live stream. Once the live stream is live, you can share it directly with your audience.

You can use OBS Studio’s built-in Twitter integration if you want to share your broadcast on Twitter. To do this, connect OBS Studio to Twitter Media Studio. From there, you’ll be able to watch your live stream on Twitter and see your recording.

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The social media platform Twitter offers you many ways to share your screen with the world. You can choose to live to stream your screen or share a link. Once you’ve broadcasted your live stream, you can interact with it with your followers in chat, emojis, and more.

Twitter Studio is designed for scheduling and watching live streams. You can schedule broadcasts on Twitter and add custom RTMP destinations. Twitter also offers analytics so you can monitor the performance of your streams. If your broadcasts have been interrupted, you can stop them anytime.

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