How to Unban Someone on Twitch

Several people wonder how to unban someone on Twitch, and a simple way to do so is to submit an unban request on the Twitch website. Most big streamers have chat mods that are dedicated to dealing with complaints. You can also confront the streamer in person if you feel the ban is unfair. However, most Twitch viewers submit they’re unban requests through the Twitch website.


The ability to unban someone on Twitch is a welcome feature, but certain restrictions exist. You can only request an unban once per person. If your request is approved, it will be available again. The streamer will also have the option to disable the feature.

To unban someone on Twitch, you can either use the /unban USERNAME command or click on the Unignore button. The method is simple and can be used by either the user or the moderator. Once you’ve clicked on the Unignore button, you should receive a confirmation message.

Another way to unban someone on Twitch is to block the user from sending you private messages. You can do this from the stream chat or the user’s profile. You can also do this from any mobile device. Blocking someone on Twitch is similar to deleting messages on a website.

Thankfully, the Twitch team has made its rule enforcement process more uniform. The CRM system that the company uses to handle reporting now prioritizes rule violations according to severity. A former Twitch staff member said it would be more difficult for streamers to hide behind a do-not-ban list.

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The ability to unban someone on Twitch has its limitations, and only some who have been banned can make the request. There are better answers than this one for everyone. Sometimes, it’s better to ignore the person and avoid their presence.


You may have noticed that there’s a new way to unban someone on Twitch. Instead of banning them forever, you can tell them to shut up. The /flag command is a simple command that will let you do just that. The trick is that you have to know how to use it in your channel’s chat box.

This command allows you to unban someone on Twitch from watching their videos or following their content. However, you must be sure that the person you’re trying to unban is not part of the Twitch staff. This is a temporary solution and is not permanent. Twitch staff channels, like the ones run by founder and CEO Emmett Shear, are exempt from this rule.

You can also try sharing Ban Information with other trusted channels to keep the community safe. This way, you’ll know which users are banned so that you can monitor them. When you start a new chat session with a banned user, their first message will appear with a red border.

Another way to unban someone on Twitch is to report their behavior. By saying someone, Twitch can make sure that they’re not engaging in harassment. This can happen in several ways, including harassing other Twitch users or using abusive language. It can also be because the person you’re reporting has posted a sexually explicit picture on Twitch or posted a comment about someone’s sexuality. These actions may result in a suspension, ban, or time-out.

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Reporting a troll

There are several options for reporting a Twitch troll. First, the streamer can either permanently ban or reversibly ban the troll. Alternatively, the streamer can turn on the Unban Request feature, which is available for both banned and unbanned users. Then, the user can submit a report and provide a valid reason for the ban. In any case, the streamer will receive a confirmation email if the troll has been banned.

Another option is to mute the troll. Although it may seem harsh, it can make the troll’s presence less obvious and help the streamer’s mood. It is also important to remember that a troll is only there to see how you react, so ignore them if they are causing you problems. However, if you want to keep your viewers from being poisoned by the troll, you can always try to cheer them up. You can do this by proposing plans or by out-spamming the troll with positive chat.

While most Twitch users are male, this does not mean that women are not welcome. Female streamers, in particular, often receive comments that are degrading. While many use their gender for marketing themselves, most find such statements uncalled for and unwanted.

Appealing a ban

Having your Twitch account banned is not only annoying, but it can also damage your streaming career. Fortunately, there is a way to appeal your ban. However, you must understand that many bans are not given with a valid reason. To appeal your ban, you must follow some guidelines.

The first step to appealing a Twitch ban is filing an appeal. You can do this through the Twitch portal. Once you’ve submitted a request, the Twitch team will look at it and determine whether it is legitimate. They will not reveal the number of “strikes” you received, but they will detail the reasoning behind your ban. In addition, Twitch will email you the status of your appeal.

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Once you’ve made your appeal, you can contact Twitch Support and explain your situation to the moderators. It can be challenging to explain why you were banned. You may feel frustrated and confused. However, remember that Twitch’s new appeals portal is intended to provide a transparent process and more control over appeals.

One of the most common reasons streamers are banned on Twitch is because they violate their terms of service. For example, using a text-based ASCII emote is against the terms of service. Sometimes, the content may be deemed objectionable, and Twitch will take legal action.

Sharing banned user information

Twitch is rolling out a new feature called Shared Ban Information that allows streamers to share banned user information with other users. This feature will enable the streaming community to cooperate and protect itself from malicious actors. It will also allow streamers to identify problematic users and take appropriate action against them.

However, there are a few restrictions on sharing banned user information. First, the sharing channel must request access to another channel’s ban list. There are up to 30 channels that can share banned user lists. Once this limit is reached, the track can no longer share banned user lists with another medium.

In addition to shared ban information, streamers can also ban known flagged accounts. If the user has been flagged for harassing other users, the broadcaster will be notified. The streamer can then decide whether to ban users or mark them as trusted. Users can also choose to stop sharing restricted user information.

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Shared ban info is a new feature that Twitch has recently introduced. The shared ban info feature aims to improve the ability of streamers to keep tabs on raiders. Raiders, who send all their viewers to another channel after a stream, can cause much trouble for streamers. This new feature allows streamers to set a minimum or maximum number of viewers to block these users. The system will also allow them to specify the age of the account.

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