How to Stream Live TV For Free

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There are many different platforms if you’re looking for free ways to stream live TV. These options can help you save money on your cable bill; some even offer a la carte channel plans. While many people may be happy with a cable-like monthly bill, others prefer the flexibility and choice that comes with a la carte plans.


XUMO is an online video streaming service that combines top digital streaming networks for viewers. You can stream a vast selection of On Demand content and watch live TV from over 190 channels. There are even dedicated channels for family-friendly entertainment, news, and sports. Whether you’re looking for a movie or are just curious about the latest news, you can find it on XUMO.

Xumo offers a selection of over 10,000 on-demand titles. With deals with Magnolia Pictures, Relativity Media, Broad Green Pictures, and A24, you can watch various shows and movies. The service works with many smart TVs, Apple TVs, and Roku devices. Unlike some other free streaming services, Xumo has no subscription fees.

The Xumo app allows you to view various channels, including news, sports, comedy, and reality TV. It also includes free media, such as Hallmark Movies & More, Family Feud, and TMZ. It also lets you select genres and watch live shows on select networks.

Xumo is free to use and has more than 180 channels available. You can stream both live and on-demand content, and you can watch a variety of different genres and languages. It also offers convenient pause and rewind features. You can also subscribe to Xumo’s on-demand library, which features more than 150 channels.

The Xumo platform will be housed in Comcast hardware, and viewers can use various apps. This will include apps from Comcast-owned Peacock and Xumo Play and popular apps like Netflix and Hulu. Xumo will also be available on Apple TV, Android phones, and Roku players.

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Other free streaming options include Pluto TV, Sling Free, and Peacock. These apps can be accessed from any device that supports HTML5 video, meaning they can be used on smart TVs, tablets, and smartphones. The free apps have a massive variety of content and add value to the original content and live channels. Testing these streaming services, I didn’t experience lag time or choppy live broadcasts.


If you don’t want to pay for cable or satellite TV, you can still stream live TV from your local network with Plex. You can also set it to record new episodes and re-runs automatically. You can also set the quality of the recordings and whether or not ads should be removed. There are several ways to customize your Plex experience, and we’ll discuss some of them below.

If you need help finding a channel, try moving your antenna. This may increase your signal. If it doesn’t, try manually entering the tuner’s IP address into Plex. You can also check the FCC’s reception map to find broadcast directions.

Plex allows you to manage multiple sources of live TV and customize your experience to match your tastes. You can also download the Plex Live TV application from the Roku Channel Store if you have a Roku device. The installation process is fast and straightforward. You can manage your favorite channels from the Plex menu.

You can also get Plex Premium for more features, including access to the mobile app and movie trailers. Premium also has parental controls. However, there are more important benefits of the Plex Premium subscription. However, if you watch a lot of network television, this may be worth considering.

If you want to watch live TV on Plex, you don’t need to be in the US. The software lets you stream more than 80 live channels. You can also watch them on any device with an internet connection. As long as your device has a VPN, you can manage your favorite shows on the go.

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Plex also supports RSS Feeds, which allows you to watch various video and audio content from different sources. These feeds are aggregators that collect information from multiple websites and keep you updated. The service is also free. If you can’t afford cable or satellite service, you can also subscribe to Plex Pass, which lets you record over-the-air TV.

Another way to watch OTA television is through the Plex channel guide. You can find the Plex channel on your desktop or Roku device. Plex will automatically populate the electronic program guide with the newest airings. You can also record programs using Plex’s DVR function.

Sling TV

Try out Sling TV’s free trial if you want to see the latest and greatest shows without the monthly bill. The service allows you to stream live TV for seven days, which is a great deal for people on a budget. Once you’ve tried it out, you can upgrade to the paid plans if you’d like.

The service offers add-on channel packages, including popular genre channels like Showtime and STARZ. If you don’t have a native streaming device, you can purchase an HD Antenna, which enables you to watch local broadcasts on Sling TV. The company has also recently introduced a “Service Optimizer” tool to help customers see what they’ll spend each month on the service.

Sling TV has updated its interface, making finding the channels you want easier. The guide screen is more organized, with channel titles highlighted more prominently. After selecting a track, the “My Channels” section offers more information and photo previews. Sling TV also lets you stream up to five channels at once in 1.5-hour increments.

Sling TV also offers a DVR, so you can record your favorite shows and watch them later. The service is flexible, which can be both good and bad, but you still need to research to ensure the channels you want are available. Thankfully, Sling TV also offers free local channels in some markets.

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Sling TV offers different plans for different tastes. There’s a plan for sports fans, news buffs, and those looking for a little more family-friendly programming. With the free program, you’ll have 50 hours of DVR storage. You can upgrade to the paid plan for $5 a month or more if you need more space. And you can cancel anytime.

The Sling Free feature is helpful as a gateway to the paid version of Sling TV. It’s like an open-ended free trial, giving you access to most of the service’s content.


Philo is a streaming service that lets you watch TV shows live and record them for later. The service seamlessly blends saved shows and new episodes with live content. It features over 60,000 hours of on-demand content from 60 different channels, including top channels like AMC, Animal Planet, BBC America, Comedy Central, Discovery Channel, Food Network, Hallmark Channel, History, Nickelodeon Network, Oprah Winfrey Network, and MTV.

You can use the Philo app on several devices, including Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Firestick. You can also cast the video to a TV using Chromecast. If you don’t have a Smart TV, you can also download the Philo app onto a Chromecast device. The app is available for Android mobile devices as well. You can also use the app on your Android phone as a remote control. The official guide for each device walks you through the setup process. Note, though, that iOS support is still in development.

Philo offers a variety of TV channels, but some are more popular than others. Many people enjoy watching local and national networks. However, some people prefer the ESPN and CNN channels. If you’d rather watch a sports channel, consider using an ad-free service or an over-the-air TV antenna.

In addition, to live TV, Philo also offers unlimited DVR storage. You can record up to 30 hours of content and watch it again at any time up to a year later. You can also fast-forward through commercials. It’s similar to Netflix’s fast-forward feature.

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Philo offers more than 60 live TV channels. The app also provides on-demand content. You can also record up to three different devices at once. Most major streaming devices can support Philo. The app is available for Android phones and tablets running 5.0 or higher if you’re an Android user.

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