How to Sell Twitch Merchandise Online

You can now buy Twitch merchandise online if you’re an avid Twitch streamer. Previously, this merch was only available to Twitch staff and partners. It was also only available at conventions and in limited sizes. Today, you can buy Twitch t-shirts and more online. Plus, if you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can get your items in as little as two days!

Print-on-Demand merch

There are several options for people who want to sell print-on-demand merchandise for Twitch. One popular option is Shopify. This platform is excellent for businesses selling merchandise without sourcing products and maintaining inventory. It also saves time and money because it doesn’t require customers to wait for a product to be made.

Another great option is Zazzle. This platform is specifically designed for creators and provides digital and physical products. This platform also offers subscription-based services. In addition, users can sell video content through Zazzle. Its interface is mobile-friendly, and users can embed purchase buttons on their website or social media. In addition to t-shirts, Zazzle also offers posters, phone cases, stickers, and more.

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Aside from t-shirts and other everyday products, artists can also create their products. They can make t-shirts, phone cases, mugs, and more for their fans. These branded items can be purchased at a discount through a print-on-demand provider, who will handle the creation, fulfillment, and distribution. This way, artists can focus on streaming rather than worrying about how to manage inventory.

Other online print-on-demand merchandise options include Sellfy and Teespring. These sites offer a 14-day free trial for anyone interested in making their merch. The free trial also gives you all the tools you need to create and market your store, including live alerts.

Teespring provides a similar experience to Printful, but the integration options are much smaller. Teespring allows users to build mock-ups for their products and list them quickly on the website. Teespring also has a comprehensive FAQ section and offers various printing options. In addition to t-shirts, Teespring offers other items like stickers, canvas bags, and towels.

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Teespring is a marketplace where you can sell t-shirts and other products with your designs. The site will manage the payment process, shipping, and inventory, and you can profit when your products sell. You don’t need to have a large following to be successful with Teespring, but you need to sell enough merchandise to earn a profit.

Teespring’s Twitch panel extension will allow you to sell merchandise on your Livestream. It features built-in OBS, chat alerts, and a fully integrated shopping experience, enabling fans to buy merch without leaving your stream. There’s no minimum order or up-front cost, and you can customize the order of your products. You can also ship worldwide.

Teespring is an eCommerce website that allows creators to sell their products directly to viewers. Unlike other eCommerce sites, Teespring will enable sellers to create and sell customized items, earning a profit from sales. Teespring partners with local screen printers to provide customers with the necessary merchandise. This model is an excellent fit for streamers and influencers who want to sell their products and generate income.

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Teespring also offers customer support, which means you can always change your order before it goes to production. You can also monitor the status of your order online. Teespring’s business model relies on crowdsourcing, which allows people to buy and sell t-shirts without the hassle of inventory management. Users set their own sales goals, and Teespring prints and ships the T-shirts to buyers.


If you’d like to sell Twitch merchandise, sign up for Sellfy, an eCommerce platform. The website is user-friendly and allows you to sell digital and physical goods. It also offers custom-printed products. You can create a store for your products with Sellfy and even embed a “buy now” button on your existing website.

Sellfy offers a 14-day free trial. It also offers three pricing plans. None of the plans charge transaction fees. However, each project comes with a cap on the number of items you can sell. The Starter plan is $29/month (or $19 if paid annually) and has a $10k sales cap per year. The Premium plan, which costs $129/month, offers more features, such as priority support and 50,000 email credits.

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As a seller, you’ll receive payments directly into your Sellfy account. Your base product cost will only be charged when a customer buys it. You can also set your retail prices as high as you want. Another option is Teespring, a print-on-demand site that allows original designs. It has a controversial history, but it’s still popular. Unlike Sellfy, Teespring handles the printing and shipping for you.

You can also add merch overlays to your streams. These overlays can contain images of your products and a “merch” command to remind viewers to visit your merch store. Add these overlays to your BRB screen, intro screen, outro, and stream parts. The overlay can include your store’s URL so viewers can click and buy from it.

If you want to sell Twitch merch, you’ll want to create a store featuring t-shirts and hoodies with your channel’s name and logo. Most people own hoodies, so selling trendy ones is integral to your Twitch merch store. For example, moistcr1tikal, an esports streamer, sells color-block hoodies with his channel logo. Color-blocking hoodies are among the hottest design trends for 2022, so if you’re looking for the next big thing, try selling color-block hoodies and T-shirts.

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