How to See Viewer Count on OBS Studio

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When it comes to online video, it can be challenging to know how many viewers you have on your channel. There are several ways to find out how many people are watching you. Streamlabs is one of these options. Another option is Twitch. You’ll want to check the view count in the video’s description section in both cases.


Streamlabs is a platform that allows you to view the total viewer count of your Twitch stream. The platform lets you integrate data from all your streaming platforms, and its widget makes it easy to keep track of your viewers. It even encourages you to invite friends to join your stream and increase your viewer count.

A viewer count is a helpful tool if you’re streaming live. It can help you reach milestones and determine how many people are watching you. It is also beneficial to know when you’re rushing to multiple platforms, which may fragment your audience. You can customize the counter’s look with the help of a widget theme library.

The counter will be displayed on the top left corner of your screen. You can customize it to display the Twitch viewer count, YouTube viewers, and Mixer viewers. You can also choose to show a URL for your viewers. You can also use the counter as a “test” version.

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As far as viewership is concerned, Twitch is leading the pack. The number of Twitch channels decreased by more than 4% year-over-year. The media totaled 10.4 million in Q3 2021, compared to 10.6 million in Q3 2020. Twitch also reports that each stream has an average of 2.62 million simultaneous viewers.

OBS Studio

When you stream on OBS Studio, you’ll want to see how many people are watching your video. Fortunately, you can do this with a few simple steps. To do so, open the “Preview” pane, select the source window, and hold the ALT key while dragging the source window. This will crop the source view based on the width and height of the viewport.

OBS has many features which can make broadcasting your video or audio much more accessible. It excels at music, video games, and performance art but is less suitable for video chat environments. While free, its feature set is less extensive and flexible than other paid products. You’ll also find that the OBS Studio interface is less customizable than other tools.

OBS Studio is a free video recording and streaming software. It supports multiple sources and has no time limit. It allows you to capture and stream your screen in high quality. You can also set the video resolution to match your monitor. You can also add text or graphics to your video.

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To see the viewer count on OBS Studio, go to the “Twitch Stats” panel under the “View” tab. You can toggle the board on or off to see the viewer count. However, remember that the viewer count is not real-time and needs to reflect your audience’s real-time activity. Moreover, watching the viewer count in real-time can distract you from providing a quality show and make you anxious.


One of the best ways to tell how many people are watching your live stream is to check your Twitch statistics. Twitch calculates your average number of viewers per stream and averages it throughout your live broadcast. You can also see your number of concurrent viewers if any.

You should check your Twitch viewer count for several reasons. First, you may get a lot of negative feedback if you mention that you need more viewers. It can make you feel self-conscious or even make you feel like a dickhead. Also, mentions about your view count may appear snarky, cynical, or even sarcastic.

You can also use the Twitch metrics to help you improve your stream. This way, you can reach your goals more quicker. You can use specific optimization strategies to increase the number of viewers to reach your target audience. You can also avoid fake viewers by checking out the Twitch bot list.

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You can also check your followership and conversion numbers. In addition, you can also check out your most popular clips, your latest achievements, and your progress towards affiliate and partner status. Using Twitch analytics, you can see which of your videos or live streams are getting the most views and which ones aren’t.

Twitch is a popular video game streaming service. Streamers on Twitch stream tens of thousands of games every month, and the numbers are increasing every year. As of this writing, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II is the most popular game to stream on the platform. This game has received 102 202 hours of video content.


If you’re a new streamer and want to know how many viewers you have on your channel, OWN3D Pro can help you. This video-streaming software comes with hundreds of premium overlays, widgets, and alerts for your channel. Plus, it’s available in 9 languages, is easy to install, and comes with free music and copyright-free sound.

OWN3D Pro comes with a chatbot to help you stay in touch with your viewers. It can block spam, display automated messages, and inform your viewers. If you’re streaming live games and other topics that may interest your audience, you can set up notifications to show the number of viewers subscribed to your channel.

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Turning off the viewer count in OBS

Turning it off is a quick fix if you are frustrated by your viewer count. Streamers often get frustrated by a drop in viewership. Some of them go quiet when it looks like no one’s watching, and this is a habit that can drive viewers away. Others have a terrible attitude towards viewers, which comes across in their voice and tone. You can easily make people nervous by mentioning the viewer count in a broadcast.

The free version of OBS is called OBS Studio, and many streamers on Twitch use it. It also allows you to use Zoom to stream to YouTube. You can use OBS to capture video, audio, and screen and then upload it to multiple streaming sites. You can also use it to create a stream straight to the web.

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