How to Search Your YouTube Live Chat History

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If you’re using desktop browsers, you can customize the appearance of emojis. The custom settings are stored for future use. You can also change the default emojis if you prefer. You can either sign out of YouTube or clear your site data to remove the settings. When replying to chat members, mention their usernames, which will be highlighted, making it easy for them to see your response.

How to turn on subscribers-only chat

The subscribers-only chat feature on YouTube allows you to create exclusive chats for your subscribers. Like Twitch chat, this feature will enable subscribers to communicate with you on the channel. It’s a great way to engage with a loyal fan base. Subscribers-only chat is available in the settings section of your video, and you can toggle it on or off during your live chat session. You can even set how long viewers have to subscribe to join.

Subscriptions-only chat is available on YouTube for live video content. It’s useful for broadcasters who want their viewers to engage in their videos, but some YouTube subscribers wish to only some of the worlds to participate in the discussion. If this is the case, you can include polls in your broadcasts. You can also vote during the premiere of your video. However, it would help if you kept in mind that YouTube’s moderation process could be more effective. It’s slow in flagging inappropriate comments on your videos. In addition, it might not remove words that match your views.

YouTube creators can control live chat from the Live Control Room. They can select which subscribers they want to chat with, choose how long they want, and even choose whether to allow them to leave chat messages. The feature is available to a small group of creators but will be rolled out to all creators in the coming weeks.

YouTube provides tools for moderating the chat and keeping it safe. These tools can be used before, during, and after the live stream. When a video starts, subscribers will be able to send messages. However, they must subscribe for a certain period before posting messages to the chat room. If they aren’t subscribers, their messages will be visible to the entire audience.

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To enable subscribers-only chat, you need to be a subscriber to YouTube. If your video has over 1,000 subscribers, you can promote this option. You can restrict the chat messages to 200 characters by enabling this feature. In addition, you can only send 11 messages within 30 seconds.

If you want only subscribers-only chat on your YouTube channel, you can set up an event to notify your subscribers. It will inform your viewers that the conversation is private. In addition, you can also enable or disable the super chat function. This will help you to boost your YouTube subscribers’ engagement.

Besides moderating the chat room, this feature also lets you choose your live chat stream duration. In addition, you can even set how long your subscribers can stay subscribed to your channel.

How to search your comments on YouTube

If you’ve ever found yourself wishing to review or delete some of your comments from a YouTube live chat, you’re in luck. There’s a way to search through your comments history from your mobile app or desktop computer. But remember that the process is more challenging than it sounds. You should scroll through the comments history to find what you’re looking for.

First, you must sign into your YouTube account. To search your comments, you need to enter your username. You can also use a Google Chrome extension to find words. Another option is to search by keyword. There are several Google extensions for this, including YCS (YouTube Comment Search).

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The History section of YouTube allows you to search your comments in more detailedly. The History section is located in the top menu. You can view your comments in the History section and see if you’ve received replies. Using this feature will help you find more relevant conversations.

You can also search for your comments by keyword. The Search feature is available on YouTube Studio and Hootsuite. You can also add the search stream to your dashboard. Then, you can search your comments using keywords or sort by relevance, view count, or rating. This is a great way to save time and keep track of your comments.

When searching your comments on YouTube, it is essential to ensure they are visible. If you need more clarification, bookmark the page and check whether they’re visible later. Once you’ve verified that the comments have been visible, you can delete them. However, before you do that, ensure you’re not leaving any personal information in your comments.

The process is straightforward. You can clear the history by closing the application. In iOS, you can do this by using App Switcher and double-tapping your home button. However, if you’re using an Android device, you’ll need to follow more steps. Alternatively, you can delete the logs on your computer.

Another way to search for your comments is by searching for a link. This will give you a list of all the words you’ve made in the past. You can also search by keywords by clicking the search bar. This can be very useful if your comments are pinned or unpinned.

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How to edit or delete comments on YouTube

You can review or delete a comment. You might be reading it a few weeks after it was posted and wonder if it was on-topic. YouTube gives users the option to delete or edit comments. You’ll need to be logged in to the video streaming service to do this.

Deleting or editing a comment takes a few seconds and is accessible on a computer or mobile device. Logging in to your YouTube account and then tapping the three-dot menu will enable you to delete or edit comments. Once you do, you’ll be prompted to confirm the action.

In addition to the ability to delete comments, YouTube allows users to block certain words. However, you can always contact the company if you need clarification on the terms and phrases you want to stop. The Division of Information Technology staff can help you with any concerns or questions about any service you might use.

Another way to edit comments is to mention their username in the message you’re replying to. By doing this, the sender will see the highlighted name. This makes it easier for other chatters to know what you’re responding to. YouTube also allows you to delete parts of videos, such as dead space or features near the beginning or middle of the video. You can also edit or delete videos using thumbnails.

There are different reasons why people might want to delete comments on YouTube. It may be because they disliked the content posted or liked it. Or it may be because they need to figure out their intent. Whatever the case, the first step is to locate your comment history. This window can be found in your Activity Controls window. It also shows the number of comments that were liked or disliked by others.

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In addition to the search function, YouTube provides a search tool to locate comments. This tool is available in YouTube Studio and Hootsuite. Both these services let you browse words by keywords. Then, you can sort them by relevance, view count, and rating.

The process is simple, and it takes a few minutes. It is also possible to clear other types of history using the same method. Make sure you read the guide to YouTube comments before doing so. It is a vital step to make the most of your YouTube presence.

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