How to Live Stream Games on YouTube

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Streamlabs Cloudbot

If you have a Twitch channel or a YouTube channel that you use to live stream your gaming streams, Cloudbot can help. This chatbot connects you with your viewers without requiring you to install any software or binary on your computer. In addition, it preserves your CPU and keeps your streams clean, without the need for a server. The Cloudbot can filter chat abuse, including caps, emotes, links, and symbols.

Before you start live streaming, it is important to set up a confirmation message so that your viewers can be sure that they have entered the correct stream title and category. This can help you prevent accidental broadcasts and helps keep viewers from getting confused about what they’re watching. You can customize this in Streamlabs settings by clicking the Settings gear at the bottom of the screen.

In addition to preventing bots from being used to spam your video, Cloudbot also offers features to protect your live stream chat and engage your community. It can filter messages and respond to common questions. It can also set up macros and python scripts.

To enable the Streamlabs Cloudbot, you need to sign into the YouTube website with your Google or email address. Once your account is set up, you can select to stream to multiple video platforms, including YouTube and Amazon-owned Twitch. If you have multiple accounts, Streamlabs can sync with all of them.


Mirrativ lets you live stream your games from your smartphone. The app allows you to title your stream, mark it as private or public, and interact with your audience. You can send your followers stickers or stars that look like Periscope hearts, or you can make comments on the stream. Once you install the application, you can follow Mirrativ on Twitter and start streaming. Then, you can share your game streams with the world.

Mirrativ uses the same streaming concept as Periscope, but it doesn’t require expensive equipment to broadcast your games. It also allows you to add commentary and picture-in-picture videos. You can live stream virtually anything, from games to everyday activities. The app even lets you screen share so you can reach more people. You can even share a screen shot of yourself browsing eCommerce sites or swiping left on dating apps.

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Mirrativ is a new app that allows you to live stream your games and interact with your viewers. It is currently in beta and is available for Android devices, but it will be available on iOS within a few weeks. If you have a gaming-focused smartphone and a fast internet connection, you can use the app to live stream your games on YouTube.

Another way to live stream PC games on YouTube is to use a webcam. This will capture a thumbnail of your live stream that you can change to attract more viewers. Then, all you need to do is click the button labelled “Go Live” to start streaming. This method can be complicated for some people, which is why you might want to use dedicated gaming streaming software.


If you’re into gaming, PowerDirector can help you live stream games on YouTube. This video editor allows you to capture the audio and video feed from your gaming console, allowing you to broadcast your gameplay live. You can also use the program to edit your video and edit highlights, save your streams, and create highlight reels.

If you’re a beginner, PowerDirector can be a great way to create an engaging video. Its user interface is simple and intuitive, and the program includes a wizard to make the process easy for beginners. The program’s Wizard guides you through a series of preset video settings, and includes a full video editing tool to create your content.

The software also supports a webcam and Chroma Key technology. Its customizable graphic sets allow you to customize your video stream’s look. It also allows you to overlay custom watermarks and incorporate webcam footage into your live stream. You can also edit recorded gameplay. It also comes with royalty-free background music, transitions, and titles.

When creating a live stream, you should set up your encoder correctly. Once you’ve done that, you can check whether your video is live by checking the “live” button on the Creator Studio page. It should have a green dot next to LIVE.

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To live stream games on YouTube, you need to first set up a broadcast software. One option is Streamlabs OBS, which is easy to use and powerful enough for most streaming needs. It also supports multiple platforms, and the free version is more than enough. However, if you want to stream more than one game, you might need to pay.

However, using this software is not without risks. For one, it is possible for your computer to have problems while streaming. It is also possible for your stream to run into unexpected problems. It is a good idea to have a second monitor so you can monitor the chat and stream at the same time.

Once you have the software installed, you can begin streaming your gameplay. Make sure that your video encoder is set to “live,” and check the settings on the Creator Studio page to confirm that your stream is live. If it is not, YouTube will give you some advice on how to improve your stream.

While live streaming may not look as polished as a studio recording, it can still look like a professional video. If you use the right equipment, you can have an excellent live streaming experience. Just make sure that the content is appropriate for your audience. Also, make sure that you follow the community guidelines and don’t broadcast illegal content. YouTube may ban you for 14 days if you violate the policies, so it is important to follow them.


If you’re looking for a way to live stream your games on YouTube, you’ve probably wondered how you can go about doing it. You can use the Streamlabs desktop app to add a stream to your YouTube channel, but you’ll also need to create an account on the Streamlabs website. After signing up, you can then set up your stream and add branded graphics. Streamlabs can even sync with your YouTube account.

You can choose between low-latency and ultra-low-latency. The former produces a higher-quality broadcast, but with a longer delay, while low-latency produces a stream with lower-quality. While using Streamlabs, you can monitor your stream’s health and activity using the Streamlabs dashboard.

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The app also includes a chat feature, which allows you to interact with your viewers during gameplay. Though the free version does not offer many features, it still works just fine. If you’re looking to live stream games on YouTube, you can check out Streamlabs’ paid version. The app also includes features to help you monetize your stream.

Streamlabs’ live streaming software is the best choice for game streaming. You can add a variety of interactive widgets to your channel to monetize your video. Streamlabs’ desktop app is also the best option if you don’t have a stream key. It has built-in widgets that allow you to monetize your stream.


If you want to live stream games on YouTube, you’ll need to use a platform called Discord. This social networking app is free for desktop and mobile platforms, and it has many features, including voice and text chat. It also lets you share links, pictures, and videos. You can even let your friends know your current game status.

In order to start streaming on Discord, you need to create a voice channel. Once you have done this, you’ll see the game stream in your Discord window. Once you’re live, you can return to your game, or you can stop the streaming at any time. To stop streaming, go to the Discord app and click on the Stop Streaming button (it looks like a monitor with an x in the middle).

Next, you’ll need to configure the settings in Discord. You can select your input and output devices. By default, Discord will use your desktop microphone and speakers, but you can also use an external webcam. After that, you’ll need to start the Discord server and choose a channel to stream your game. You can even change the settings of the audio and video outputs on the server.

After joining the voice channel, click on the Stream icon. You can then begin playing the game. However, note that Discord doesn’t recognize games played within the voice chat. You’ll need to add your game to Discord first. Once you’ve done this, you’ll see a badge next to your channel name. When you’re ready to live stream, click the stream icon to begin streaming.

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