How to Hide Comments on TikTok Live As a Viewer

In TikTok, you can choose to hide or limit comments. You should open the Settings section and click the Comment settings to do this. Here you can toggle comments on and off. However, note that this setting is temporary – it will not be active on your next LIVE stream.

Comment settings in TikTok

There are many options to configure your comment settings in TikTok live as if you were an actual viewer. Some of these options are available only to you, while others are available to all users. Whether you want to view other people’s comments is up to you, but knowing what is permitted is an excellent help if you want to keep TikTok safe from obscene and inappropriate content.

TikTok recently updated the comment settings in its live stream application. Hosts can mute viewers for a few seconds, minutes, or even the entire broadcast. Users may still view the live stream even if their accounts are muted, but they will lose their comment history. TikTok also released its Q2 Community Guidelines Enforcement Report, which showed the number of content violations and removed accounts. Thankfully, the number of account removals has dropped to less than 1% of videos uploaded to the site.

If you want to block comments from everyone but friends, you should tap on the “Friends” icon in the settings menu. Here, you can set your TikTok comment settings to allow only those followers who have followed you back. You can also turn on comments posted by people who follow you.

If you are a TikTok creator, you can also turn off comments in your LIVE streams. However, you can only disable comments from other viewers if you have at least 1000 followers. You can also change the settings in your LIVE stream repeatedly. This way, you’ll be able to keep your audience happy.

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When you are creating a video on TikTok, it’s common for people to leave comments on their videos. However, many of these comments are irrelevant. Trolls are standard on the internet, and comment sections are notorious for attracting trolls. This makes the comment section a great place to connect with your audience and build trust. By controlling who can comment on your videos, you can help keep TikTok safe from trolls.

If you’re uncomfortable leaving comments on other people’s videos, you can permanently delete them in TikTok. You can also delete comments on your profile page by swiping right on your screen. When you’re done, you can navigate back to the live video to finish watching it.

Another way to make comments appear in your TikTok video is to drop the ‘crop’ icon on your video. This will crop the image so that you can see it more pleasingly. This is common for videos that contain images, such as memes.

Another way to manage your comments is to use keywords. You can use keywords in your TikTok video to manually filter comments and review them. Once you’ve screened words, you can approve or delete them. By doing so, you can help your audience find your videos by providing them with helpful information.

Turning off comments in TikTok

If you are a TikTok live viewer and want to turn off comments, you’ll need to adjust your settings first. You’ll need to turn the comment icon green or off. You’ll need to do this for each live stream. Then, you’ll be able to view the live stream without receiving any comments.

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Once you’ve finished watching the live stream, you can navigate back to the profile page. TikTok will display the live audio for the video duration, which you can skip if you want. However, if you find the comments distracting, you can swipe the right or left video to silence them.

TikTok’s live feature is quite entertaining. However, some users have become wary of it due to its potential for inappropriate content. TikTok Live users may put their pets and side businesses on camera and discuss random topics. It may also feature political debates and TV show commentary. Then again, you can sit back and enjoy a live stream if you want to.

Using TikTok live is a great way to generate brand awareness, generate leads, and increase conversion rates. However, you should follow the proper structure before going live. Remember that TikTok offers a variety of tools to help you create engaging and entertaining video content. If you’re a TikTok live viewer, you’ll want to use SocialPilot to plan your strategy.

Limiting comments in TikTok

Limiting comments on TikTok live an option on the social video-sharing platform, allowing users to moderate or ban their remarks. Limiting words is helpful for those who don’t want their videos viewed by people they don’t know and for those who want to create a community on the platform. It is important to remember that blocking comments on a video is only sometimes possible, and the correct settings can help you to moderate it.

First, you can block users who make offensive, hateful, or inappropriate comments. You can mutate them for five seconds or even the entire stream. The moderation team can also block spammy comments. This way, you can manage your live stream and prevent inappropriate and hurtful words.

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Next, you can turn on the moderation option on your profile. You can use the moderation tool to limit inappropriate comments by adding keywords. TikTok is planning to introduce an option to block inappropriate content for adult audiences. You can also view a sample list of inappropriate content to help you decide what to stop.

Limiting comments on TikTok live an excellent feature for those who want to ensure their videos don’t become a dumping ground for hate speech. This feature will keep your content clean and safe for your followers. Using the feature to limit comments is also beneficial for brands. The comments section is one of the most important places to get insights about your brand’s audience.

Another great way to moderate comments on TikTok live is to avoid responding to the audience’s words. It will ruin the vibe of your Livestream, so it’s essential to control how you react to audience comments. This way, you can maintain a friendly atmosphere and protect your brand’s reputation. When you decide to go live, you can choose a suitable time for your Livestream. If it’s during the day, it’s more likely to attract viewers than at other times.

Another way to limit comments on TikTok live is to enable a toggle on the comments section. After doing this, you should see the toggle change from green to grey. You can use this feature on multiple LIVE streams. If you don’t want to do this, you can permanently disable the comment section in the settings of your live stream.

You can also turn off comments on your TikTok videos. You can do this by toggling Allow comments before you post your video or after you’ve published it. Leaving the comments off will decrease your engagement with the videos. You can also use a feature called Keyword Filter to filter the comments. This feature will filter the comments made by specific people.

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