How to Hide Chat on TikTok Live As a Viewer

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If you’re a live stream viewer, you should know how to hide chat on TikTok Live. The Clear Display button only appears for some users and may depend on your TikTok version and device. However, some users have reported that they can hide the chat without pressing the Clear Display button. In these cases, you can swipe away to hide the conversation.

Disable live commenting on TikTok

To disable live commenting on TikTok LIVE streams, click the toggle next to the live comment box. This will turn the section grey. Please note this change will not last until the next LIVE stream. Disabling live commenting on TikTok LIVE is a good option if you don’t want to deal with other people’s criticisms.

Once you’ve disabled live commenting, you can block specific users from commenting on your videos. This feature is also available in the TikTok app. You can block, mute, and block users if you feel their comments are offensive. You can also assign a moderator to your videos. Before allowing others to comment on your videos, please familiarize yourself with TikTok’s Community Guidelines.

To disable live commenting on TikTok LIVE, you must have at least 1000 followers. Then, swipe up on the screen until you find the live video. Once you’ve seen it, you’ll notice that the screen will have a “loading” icon. A comment thread will appear at the bottom of the screen. You can reply to comments, or you can ignore them altogether. You can disable live commenting on TikTok Live by selecting the “Disable commenting” option on the screen.

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If you feel that your comment has become inappropriate, you can report it to the site. TikTok will only allow users if they comply with their Community Guidelines. If you’re under 18, you can disable comments on your videos by going into the Privacy and Safety settings.

Hootsuite’s best time to publish feature for TikTok Lives

TikTok Lives are a great way to engage your audience with live content. The feature allows viewers to interact with creators by sending comments, likes, and monetary gifts. It also allows viewers to check the creator’s profile page without leaving the video. TikTok Lives also provides an excellent opportunity to build a community.

The best time to publish feature lets you post at optimal times on different social media channels. This includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other channels. It will also give you tips on when to publish content based on your social results over the last 30 days.

Using the app as a guest to join a live stream

Once you have set up a live broadcast, you can invite guests to join at any time. You can send a link to a guest by using command+v on a Mac or ctrl+v on a Windows machine. Guests can join using their name or their Facebook or Google account. When guests enter, they can push their camera to the live stream by clicking Show in Stream. They can also mute their camera by hitting Mute on the camera preview.

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You can also invite your guest from a computer by selecting the “Go Live Together” button. Once you have requested your guest, you can schedule your live stream from your desktop or go live from your mobile device. You and your guest can comment on the screen during the live stream. You can add a custom logo during the live broadcast, switch from landscape to portrait view or change your primary camera to your front camera. To protect your broadcast, you can choose to use an encrypted stream.

To invite your guest, you must have a stable internet connection with at least 10 Mbps bandwidth. Ecamm Live allows up to four guests to join a live stream. You can invite more guests at once if you have more than four guests. You do not need an Ecamm Live subscription plan to invite your guest. It would help if you were using a laptop or desktop computer.

One great thing about Guest Star is that it is integrated into Twitch directly, which means you can report guests who are disruptive or violate Twitch rules. That is why Twitch prefers this method over other third-party workarounds.

Using the app to go live

If you’re new to using the app to go live, you should know a few things about the feature. You’ll need to be aware of your device’s camera settings. Some devices allow you to choose specific lenses, while others don’t. In either case, ensuring you’re in the correct aspect ratio is essential. Once you’ve positioned your device correctly, you can tap the live go button to begin streaming.

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Using the app to interact with creators

As a viewer of TikTok videos, you can now interact with creators live in real-time. You can send them messages, ask them questions, and then post a response video. This feature makes TikTok LIVE an excellent option for interacting with viewers and creating a lasting connection. TikTok lives also allow creators to go live solo or with several other users, providing additional exposure for both parties.

As a TikTok creator, you start by clicking “create” on the home page and selecting “LIVE.” Depending on your preferences, you can interact with your audience at different points during your broadcast. You can also accept gifts from your audience and redeem them for instant cash. Just be sure to check the age requirements of the people you want to gift.

To make the most of TikTok live, you should invite your viewers to join your broadcast. It would help if you also encouraged them to ask questions and answer any questions they have. Make sure you answer these questions clearly and politely. A Q&A session will also ensure that your viewers stay updated with your brand. Your TikTok live broadcast can also be a great way to promote your brand.

TikTok LIVE is crucial for growing your audience and gaining new followers. It has the potential to make the creators’ lives easier and increase their reach, which is essential to creating a meaningful impact and selling products. Additionally, if your video is well-produced, you will have more opportunities to connect with a bigger audience. In the end, the more people you can reach, the more profit you can earn.

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Besides ensuring you’ve reached the minimum requirements to go live on TikTok, you need to know when your followers are most active on the app. To find this out, visit the Followers tab in your account’s Analytics. This way, you’ll know when your followers are online and can plan your live events accordingly.

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