How Much Do Twitch Mods Get Paid?

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If you’re a Twitch mod, you may wonder how much you can earn. There are several ways to make money as a mod on the site, and you can get paid as a streamer. If you’re considering getting born as a mod, here are a few ideas to get you started.

Paying moderators

Twitch moderators play a critical role in keeping Twitch channels safe for viewers. Unfortunately, much of the culture on Twitch is unsafe, so Twitch moderators are required to keep the chats on topic and in order. As a result, Twitch moderators earn decent salaries. However, they’re paid differently than other professional streamers.

Unlike regular streamers, moderators are not compensated based on their popularity. However, some streamers offer their mods money in exchange for their services. For example, Ludwig recently provided $5,000 for every day his mods helped him during a 31-day subathon. But other streamers, such as xQc, don’t pay their mods anything.

Moderators do more than monitor chats. They are often anonymous, which means they won’t be identified. They also protect the integrity of Twitch streams. However, many Twitch partners can’t afford moderators, so they must apply to become a moderator themselves. You must market your love for games and gaming skills to gain the position.

In addition to being paid per stream, Twitch moderators can also receive donations. While it is rare, some large channels pay their mods a flat rate for their work. For example, Ninja pays moderators $50 per stream, Ludwig pays his mods $5,000 daily during his substation, and Nickmerrcs pays them through in-game items.

Moderators need to be compensated appropriately. They play an essential role in a streamer’s and viewers’ success. If a streamer’s chat is chaotic, they could lose viewers, sponsors, and affiliate and partner status. This is why streamers need to invest in a strong team and compensate them accordingly.

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Although Twitch mods are not paid much, they can make it a full-time job. Streamers who want to pay Twitch mods will usually offer a generous package. These people will work hard to ensure the chat room stays in order.

Twitch moderators are responsible for keeping the chats in their streams clean and free from trolls. In exchange for this, Twitch streamers choose the moderators based on their reputation in the community. Other streamers often recommend these individuals and can make a good income.

Getting paid as a moderator

You have a few options if interested in getting paid as Twitch moderators. Most of the moderators on Twitch are volunteers who are passionate about the content they moderate. Some streams will pay you a flat rate per stream, while others will pay you with an annual holiday gift. However, you should not expect to get a full-time salary from Twitch.

Some streamers are reluctant to pay chat moderators. For instance, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II streamer Felix “xQc” Lengyel has never produced a moderator. He said he chose not to do so because he did not want to be weird or unprofessional.

As a Twitch moderator, you can be a part of the Twitch community for a small or large streamer. You may have to set a schedule and be on every week. The larger your channel is, the more potential viewers you’ll have to earn money. As a Twitch moderator or assistant mod, you’ll get to help content creators grow.

While some Twitch mods are content with small payments, others go above and beyond to create graphic designs or manage their social media presence. This work allows a moderator to become a significant part of a stream. Streamers can also offer a fixed rate for moderating their stream.

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The average Twitch streamer needs to make more money to pay mods, so most expect them to work for free. However, some successful Twitch streamers get paid $4,000 a month on average. This means that each model earns around $50 per live-streaming session. So, if you want to get paid as a Twitch mode, you must establish an income and pay them fairly.

Other ways to pay moderators

Although some Twitch streamers will pay moderators for their services, you should know that it is rare. Less than 1% of Twitch streamers pay mods at all. Despite this, some streamers are willing to spend their moderators on improving their streaming experience.

One of the best ways to pay moderators is to offer merch and other items to them. You can also provide tips for their content or direct traffic to their channel. If your streamer allows chat, you can also pay them to moderate it. This will enable you to get paid without worrying about losing your streamers’ time.

Another way to pay moderators is to deliver your viewers to view your streams. Streamers who are frequently trolled and spammed should consider becoming moderators. Streamers who enjoy playing games but hate being distracted by useless chat and chatter should try to become moderators to avoid this.

Another way to pay moderators is to give them a daily wage. The amount that moderators make depends on how large their channels are. If you are a medium-sized streamer, consider hiring one mod for every two thousand viewers. If your stream is large enough, you should consider hiring more than one mod.

To earn money as a Twitch moderator, you should follow these tips. Then, you can eventually turn your part-time gig into a full-time gig. If you have time to spare, you can offer other services to other streaming channels.

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Streamers that pay moderators

A popular Twitch streamer, xQc, recently asked whether or not he pays moderators on his Twitch channel. He was playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and was asked about it by fellow streamer Kai Cenat. CQC said, “No, I don’t pay moderators, but I do appreciate their work,” and explained why he chose not to pay them.

In addition to sweeping the chat and swatting trolls, some streamers also pay their moderators. In one case, a streamer named Ludwig paid his mods over $170,000 for their services. The streamer reportedly needed moderators to keep his chat clean while he slept. Ludwig paid his moderators about $5,000 a day. Since he had 17 moderators working for him during the 31-Day Subathon, each of them would have earned an estimated $10,000.

Although some Twitch streamers do pay mods, most are volunteers. The small to medium-sized streamers select moderators from their communities. However, larger Twitch streamers often pay their moderators to ensure their chat stays clean. Streamers that are willing to spend their mods have many benefits.

Streamers that pay moderators on their Twitch channels vary significantly in the number of mods they hire. Some pay moderators on a per-subscribe basis. Others pay moderators in exchange for ad-free content. Small-to-medium-sized streams often employ 2 to 3 moderators. Larger ones, however, use automated features to keep mods active.

The work of a moderator is arduous. Some are paid very little for their work. Others do much more than just swinging a green sword in chat. For example, Wipz makes graphic designs for his streams and manages the social media accounts for his channel. This makes him a critical component of the stream.

To be a moderator on Twitch, you should build a relationship with the streamer. This can be done through social media accounts and merch. This way, you can make extra money and help a streamer grow.

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