How Can YouTubers See Who Watched Their Videos?

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You may have noticed that there is a way for YouTubers to see who watches their videos. These are called subscriptions. These subscriptions have a user name attached to them. This means that people who comment on a video can click on the user’s name and go to the video’s page.

Viewership stats are updated in real-time.

In the real-time analytics tab of your YouTube account, you can see who viewed your videos and where they are located. The statistics include the estimated number of views for the next 48 hours or 60 minutes and the device type and operating system. In addition, you can see how many viewers clicked on your videos’ thumbnails.

You can also see the percentage of viewers from certain countries. You can even see how many videos have been viewed by a specific age group or gender group. Viewing this information allows you to target your content to the right demographic easily. Likewise, you can see what other videos or channels your audience is watching.

When creating videos for YouTube, it is essential to answer the questions above so that you know exactly who to target. Knowing your audience is necessary to make the most engaging and informative videos. Listening to your audience and responding to their feedback and comments is also crucial.

YouTube also provides built-in analytics that gives you a holistic view of your video’s audience. These analytics are similar to Google Analytics, but you’ll have to log in to access them. They will provide you with data on unique views, several subscribers, and even location. These insights can help you improve your videos and your platform.

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YouTube is also valid for brands as it allows them to monitor their video’s success more closely. With the Realtime Activity metric, you can see how many people watched your videos in real-time. This metric is different from the video watch page and the search page. The numbers are not inflated and provide a better understanding of the success of your video.


A recent study looked at the demographics of YouTube users. Most were male, aged 25 to 34, with only 46 percent female. The majority of YouTube users are in the U.S. and are from different ethnic backgrounds. The study also noted that people who used YouTube as entertainment were mainly from the United States.

YouTube is an excellent source of entertainment and education. More than half of adults use the site to entertain themselves. Even young children watch videos on the site. More than 89% of parents say that their children use YouTube, including 49% of parents with children under two. In addition, 37% of the younger generation binge-watches videos on YouTube daily.

YouTube is more prevalent among younger age groups. The percentage of people in this age group who watch YouTube is significantly higher than those in other age groups. In the U.S., 95% of people between 25 and 34 use the site, while just under half of Americans over 75 use it daily. Furthermore, YouTube is popular among people of higher income levels.

YouTube is the most popular video platform, and its demographics reflect that. More than 62 million people watch video content daily. In the U.S., it is estimated that 197 million people are active users. Most YouTube users are in urban areas. About eighty percent of urban residents and 74% of people living in the suburbs are YouTube users. YouTube users come from a variety of backgrounds. In addition to the United States, most users come from India. The following biggest countries are Brazil, Japan, and Russia.

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YouTube is a platform for all types of videos. Its users are diverse in age, gender, and content. However, it is still male-dominated, with men spending 44 percent more time on the site than women. Similarly, men dominate 90 percent of categories on YouTube. Some types are female-dominated, such as beauty, skin care, and sports. In contrast, women are drawn to East Asian music and dogs.


YouTubers can see who watched their videos by looking at the name of the person who commented on them. If they’re subscribed, they can also see the terms of their subscribers. However, if the subscribers don’t wish to share their names, they can keep their subscriptions private. The number of subscribers will remain the same, however.

YouTube also provides creators with demographic information. This can be useful in determining the quality of a particular video. In addition, creators can see how many people from specific countries viewed their videos. This information can be valuable for marketing purposes. If a video is popular with white men in their mid-thirties, the creator can identify that demographic.

YouTube Analytics is a great way to understand your audience and determine when to upload new videos. It can also show what videos your subscribers have viewed outside your channel. This data can help you create new videos and identify collaboration opportunities. You can also view the number of people who watched your videos outside your channel in the past seven days.

Another great feature of TubeBuddy is its ability to search for Twitter users who shared your video. This is the easiest way to find out who shared your videos. It has an integrated search button that includes both short and long URLs. The extension is also easy to use and is easy to use on other social media sites.

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Although YouTube does not allow YouTubers to see the names of the people who viewed their videos, they can see statistics such as the number of viewers. While you cannot see the terms of individual viewers, you can see the percentage of them that belong to a particular age or gender. In addition, you can also see which videos are shared more than others.


YouTubers can see who watched their videos by sharing them with other people on social networks. However, this information is not disclosed to the content creators. As a result, YouTubers cannot confirm whether their videos were liked and shared by others. However, it is possible to use a third-party service, such as Twitter, to find out who shared your videos.

To see which videos have the most views, check out your YouTube Analytics. This tool lets YouTubers know how much their content is viewed and for how long. It will also tell you the age range and gender of your viewers. You can even see the type of devices they’re using to watch your videos. This data will help you plan your future videos.

YouTube also allows YouTubers to see who watched their videos as long as they are logged in. This data will enable them to know the location of their viewers and how long they watched the videos. This feature will help them improve their videos. This feature is helpful for people who want to learn more about their target audience.

Using this feature, YouTubers can also see who subscribed to their videos. This way, they can know who to target with their future content. This way, they can make their content more attractive and attract more subscribers. Additionally, they can see how many people shared their videos and what content they posted.

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Subscriptions can also help YouTubers generate income. YouTubers can make money from their YouTube content by providing subscribers with exclusive discounts and special links. They can also build their brand by creating merchandise shops where viewers can buy apparel and other items with their logos and funny sayings.

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