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For those who enjoy learning about the history of the world, a history channel streaming service like CuriosityStream can be an excellent choice. Whether you’re interested in the history of the dinosaurs, the evolution of life on earth, or the evolution of the human race, CuriosityStream has something for you. Whether you want to learn about human society’s growth or the scientific method’s development, CuriosityStream can provide you with the educational content you need.

Curiosity Stream is available on popular streaming devices, including Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, and more. You can also access the service on your laptop, desktop, gaming console, tablet, or smartphone. The streaming service also supports multiple simultaneous streams. As a bonus, CuriosityStream works offline on many devices, so you can stream the service even when you’re on the go.

CuriosityStream offers a large selection of original documentaries. Most of its documentaries are available in HD, but you can also watch 4K-quality versions of some documentaries. The service’s price is affordable, at around $10 a month (or $5.8 if you subscribe to the service yearly), and gives you access to more than 2000 titles. CuriosityStream has several original shows, including Deep Time History, Light on Earth, and Food History. You’ll also find tons of educational and lifestyle documentaries.

The service has two tiers: Standard and Premium. The Standard tier costs $2.99 per month and is available in HD. The Premium tier costs $9.99 per month and offers 4K streaming. Curiosity Stream has more than 80 programs on its platform, including documentaries and movies produced by BBC, Discovery Channel, and TLC. The content is curated by experts and is factually accurate. In addition to that, Curiosity Stream also offers exclusive original content through Nebula.


A streaming service for history will soon come to your home, as Xumo has announced plans to launch branded devices. The company plans to rebrand its existing FAST service to Xumo Play, anchoring the free content offering on Xumo devices. However, the service will continue to be available on other streaming platforms.

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While the UI for Xumo is clunky on the desktop, it’s much easier to use on the mobile device. You can scroll through the available channels or search for specific genres. The menu bar also lets you quickly navigate between different content types, including movies, news, and sports. You can also sort movies by genre and skip past commercials. The streaming service provides a similar experience to YouTube. It also automatically changes the orientation of your phone to full-screen mode.

The app is free and comes with over 180 channels. It also has an extensive library of on-demand movies. The Xumo app can be installed on your phone or smart TV to access the service. You can even stream live television broadcasts. The service also features original content from a variety of channels.

Xumo is compatible with most major innovative TV brands. Unlike cable and satellite services, Xumo requires no subscription or username. You can also access the service from anywhere, as long as you have an Internet connection. You can watch your favorite shows whenever you want without worrying about ads.


DIRECTV STREAM has four different plans, each providing access to several channels. The basic package offers 80 channels. The Choice plan provides 100 channels, and the Ultimate and Premier programs provide up to 145 channels. Depending on what media you want to watch, you may also choose to manage regional sports networks.

DIRECTV STREAM is available on nearly every device. You can watch the channels on your PC or TV using a streaming device. DIRECTV STREAM sells a customized streaming device with voice commands and one-click options. It is comparable to a cable service but is significantly cheaper. You’ll also no longer have to worry about canceling your monthly benefit and won’t be locked into a contract with a television service provider.

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Another great thing about DIRECTV STREAM is that it offers history channel streaming. You can watch past episodes of your favorite shows or switch to them whenever possible. All you have to do is add your favorite channels to your favorite list. If you need help finding a specific channel, ask DIRECTV Support. The history channel streaming service is available to all DIRECTV customers.

DIRECTV STREAM offers four base packages with different add-ons and channels. The basic package comes with popular channels like ESPN and TNT, as well as regional sports networks. The basic package also includes HBO Max for the first three months, which offers an even more extensive channel catalog. You can also add regional sports and SHOWTIME to your base package.

DIRECTV STREAM includes a cloud DVR solution with its subscription. Though it initially offered 20 hours of cloud DVR functionality, it has since expanded its DVR storage to an unlimited amount. This increased storage space compares favorably to its competitors.


History Channel is a long-running TV network that offers many options for streaming its programs on the Internet. The streaming service provides a wide range of content, including dozens of cable networks. You can sign up for a free trial to see if it’s right for you and cancel anytime.

A history-centric streaming service on Hulu can be an excellent choice for history buffs. The History Channel is included in several live TV services; some of these services are less expensive than others. Others offer more features and are better suited for a history-centric viewer. The History Channel is worth checking out if you are interested in a particular era or are just looking to get more of your favorite A&E shows.

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Hulu offers a free 30-day trial. After that, you can subscribe for $6.99 per month. History is available in various languages and devices, including iPhones and Rokus. Hulu is compatible with Apple TV, Roku, Google TV, and Amazon Fire TV.

Another great option is to download various History programs and movies from Amazon or iTunes and watch them at your convenience. Unlike many streaming services, you won’t need an internet connection or apps to watch your favorite shows. The downloads will be stored on your hard drive, so you won’t need to worry about losing them if you lose your internet connection.

If you have cable TV, it may be possible to get the History Channel on your television if you have a pay-TV subscription. Hulu with Live TV also has an extensive streaming library. The History Channel streaming service on Hulu also offers live TV from other popular networks, including A&E, Vice, and Lifetime.


You have several options if you’re in the market for streaming services that offer access to the History Channel. While you can pay up to $40 per month for a cable TV subscription, streaming services like Netflix can provide you with dozens of live channels for a much lower price. These services offer a variety of features, including a cloud DVR and multiple screens.

One option is downloading programs and movies directly from the History Channel website. Downloading the shows onto your computer allows you to stream them whenever possible. No apps are required, and you don’t need a cable subscription. They’ll be stored on your hard drive and are available for streaming anytime.

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Another option is to subscribe to Sling TV, which offers an extensive library of streaming content, including the History Channel. This service costs around $20 per month but gives access to some of the most popular shows from the History Channel. Although Sling TV doesn’t offer live streaming, it does provide a selection of the History Channel’s best content.

If you don’t want to pay a monthly fee, you can also subscribe to the free HISTORY Vault. It offers full episodes of popular reality shows and documentaries. While the free service isn’t as extensive as Netflix, you’ll still find some great performances.

History Vault is an online library of thousands of videos from the History Channel. It covers the most critical moments in history and is an excellent option for documentary lovers. It offers many documentaries about military history, ancient civilizations, and more. It also provides a weekly update of new video content. Most titles are streamed in 1080p or 720p. However, it doesn’t support 4K.

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