Survey closed

We’re sorry, but this survey has been closed. Not to worry – we have more surveys for you to answer 👇🏼

We have a lot more options for earnings if you are interested. We will send you options via email as soon as we have something where you will qualify. 

Important When Answering Surveys

Answering surveys online is easy with Espresso Live. To make sure that you are not being rejected, you need to answer truthfully. Take time to answer and don’t rush through questions. As a member, you can now answer and earn money at the same time. It is vital that you always answer truthfully and fairly. The answers are used by companies to make products and services better. Your answers are always anonymous. We hope that you will have fun answering. If you need help, we are always ready to assist. 

When a survey is closed, it means that the survey has reached its desired number of participants or has ended for some other reason. This can be frustrating for participants who were hoping to complete the survey and earn some extra money.

There are several reasons why a survey may close early. One common reason is that the survey has reached its target number of participants. Surveys are typically designed to collect data from a specific group of people, and once that group has been reached, the survey is closed.

Another reason why a survey may close early is that the survey may have reached its deadline. Some surveys have a specific timeframe during which they can be completed, and once that timeframe has passed, the survey is closed.

If you find that a survey you were hoping to complete has closed, don’t be discouraged. There are many other survey opportunities available, and you may still be eligible for other surveys. Be sure to check your email and survey sites regularly for new survey opportunities, and be sure to complete your profile so that you’re eligible for as many surveys as possible.

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