How Do Mods Get Paid on Twitch?

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If you’re wondering how do Twitch mods get paid, you’re not alone. Many streamers do not have the funds to hire paid mods. The majority of these mods are volunteer and they simply enjoy being a part of the Twitch community. The main responsibility of a Twitch mod is to help streamers stay on topic and keep the chat free from spam. In addition to moderating chat, mods can also change the title of a stream or ban chat users who act out.

Some major channels offer to pay mods a flat rate for their streams, though this is rare. For example, Ninja recently paid mods $50 per stream, while Ludwig paid mods $5,000 a day during his 31-day subathon. Other popular channels have paid mods directly, including Nickmerrcs and Cohh. While most streamers do not pay mods, some offer small amounts of money from merch sales or in-game items.

Most Twitch mods work for free. If you’re a successful streamer, however, you can be one of those streamers and be paid. Wipz has even begun paying its moderators. Typical pay for moderating is $15 to $20 per hour and depends on experience and type. You can also receive bonuses for helping streamers stay on topic. There are many benefits to becoming a Twitch moderator, but it is important to understand that most streamers are not paid.

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While some mods are content with a small payment, some do more than just swing a green sword in chat. Wipz, for example, creates graphic designs and manages social media. They become a crucial component of a stream. In fact, one recent mod, Ludwig, promised $5000 a day for moderating his streams. The amount reached an estimated $167,000, but the mods’ work keeps the conversation moving!

The amount of mods you employ will depend on the size of your channel, and you should not expect each and every mod to be on at the same time. Moreover, you cannot expect every mod to follow a strict schedule when you’re unpaid. If you’d like to get paid for your work, it’s best to work for a large streamer who can afford the extra help.

Most Twitch streamers don’t make enough money to pay their mods, so most of them expect them to work for free. However, the number of mods needed for a successful Twitch stream depends on the size of the channel. Smaller channels can get by with just two or three mods. That’s just a fraction of the streamer’s monthly salary. This makes Twitch mods an indispensable part of any streaming community.

When considering whether to become a mod, be sure to be reliable and trustworthy. Mods should be able to deal with both extremes and moderate dissent. In general, people are more likely to donate to mods when they feel appreciated. You should also be good at interacting with other viewers, so make sure you can build rapport with them. Once you have a good reputation, you may be considered for a mod role.

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