30 Day Show Your Face Challenge

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The 30-Day Show Your Face Challenge is a great way to connect with your audience and increase engagement on social media. This downloadable guide includes an intro graphic, a day-31 graphic, and a script. It also includes bonus content and can be used as a standalone challenge and a way to build relationships with your audience.

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Showing your face is an expression used to confront something or someone. It can also refer to engaging an enemy. Criminals, for example, face justice after being caught, and experts will often tell us that we should face the facts. But what is the exact meaning of this phrase? Find out below.

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Past tense

When you talk about your face, you can use the past tense of the verb show. The past tense of play is usually used in the passive voice and accompanied by one of the forms of being. The form depends on the subject and modal verb. A past tense show indicates that a particular action was done at a specific point in the past.

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